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Holy Week (Saturday)

To keep up on the Holy Week activities of each day I will report on today, Saturday.

I woke this morning to find my nephew and his girlfriend already gone from the house to work. If you do not know this fact, most jobs here are 6 days a week.

I planned to spend the day at home alone and catch up on some computer and internet work that I have been neglecting. Some of it is making up some other websites, kind of niche sites to try to make some money since this is my baby, but now doing so well in the financial areas.

About 9am I got a text from a good friend who I have not spent any quality time with for a while. We planned to meet at, oh yes again McDonald’s around 12 noon.

I decided to leave early and do something near our meeting place and I noticed he was already there. We had an early lunch and then drove around a little before driving back closer to where his car was left and relax somewhere.

Even though traffic was less than a normal Saturday it was still traffic. The malls were open as well at the coffee shops. We were going to take his laptop to be looked at but found the 2 stores I know were closed. Good for them, a 3 or 4 day weekend.

For me it was a nice day. I enjoy talking to him and our friendship is growing and the trust level increasing. We ended up at BluGre in Landco and enjoyed their Jazz music playing in the background.

I am not sure what tomorrow will bring, but thankfully Elena and the girls will return in the late afternoon to return our life to normal.

I will report on my adventures and observations of my Easter Sunday. If you watch the news, you will get to see all the fanatics in Manila having their hands nailed as they are crucified.

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  1. john says:

    Very informative post.

  2. Ray says:

    Hi Bruce

    Can you give any info about the niche websites? 🙂
    I read about niche websites from time to time but never really researched it.

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