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Holy Week Update (Good Friday)

Well, Good Friday is almost over since it is 9:30pm here.

I stayed in the house today sweating in front of a fan and relaxed most of the day. My nephew and his girlfriend spent last night here and was here all day.

Even though Elena had made Penni Pasta with meat sauce in the house, they wanted chicken. What happened to meatless Friday and eating fish? So my nephew and I jumped into my car and we drove to McDonald’s. Here McDonald’s sells Fried Chicken with either a side of rice or spaghetti. We got 3 mel packs with rice and an apple pie for me and came home for a nice quiet dinner.

While we were out I noticed McDonalds, Jollibee  and ChowKing were open and crowded. A few bakeries were open too so nobody wil starve. A gas station was also open.

Even though traffic was light, it was heavier than I remembered last year.

Tomorrow will be a more normal day.

On Easter Sunday most Filipinos go to early mass at Church and then to the beaches for some “Fun in the Sun”

To all that observe, Have a Blessed Easter.

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