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I am still Here

I am sorry I have not written anything for a couple of weeks now.

A lot has been going on. I stopped working and had many things to catch up on. In the middle my desktop computer got so virus ridden that I had to format and restore the computer and get all my programs back.

I tried to use my laptop but it has a problem that does not open a browser and ties up the router to no other computer can access.

Then I had about a week of on and off of Internet access. It would die in the middle of downloading programs I use.

Later today or tomorrow I will write another post with some nice pictures of a beach resort in Samal

2 Responses to “I am still Here”

  1. rick bowden says:

    Hey Bruce, sorry if u lost that job of yours, i know you had a lot of friendship there, catch up with you soon All the best

  2. Bruce says:


    Thanks for your comment. Also it was good to see you and all the other members from Friends of Mindanao last night. I hope you had a good time.

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