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I Got a Job

Last week a friend of mine called me for an interesting proposition. He is involved and soon to be a partner with an Architectural and Engineering Firm here in Davao.

They are in need of someone to help get some drafting for about a month. The pay is not much but it gets my foot in the door and hopefully it can grow to a higher position for a better salary.

My friend would like to have me support him with his marketing role. Also Friday I met with the Architect and showed him how I use AutoCAD Architectural Desktop, not just the basic AutoCAD. In Desktop you draw with 3D walls instead of just lines. Then you insert doors, windows and other items that are inserted into the drawing and become part of the building. Then these items can be put on a schedule that will update if an item changes. This relieves the worry of the schedule not truly reflecting the items on the plan.
There is also an automated area schedule that updates if the size of the building changes.

The architect was very impressed with the quality and speed using this system.

This firm is involved in both local work and outsourcing. Outsourcing is where a company in another country hires a company in another country to do their work.

If you live in the US you know about talking to a customer representative for a company and you hear a strong accent. This is because a lot of companies have their customer service or tech support outsourced to a company in India.

The nice part in the Philippines, most people speak English well. Also since the wage in the Philippines is so much lower than the USA or Middle East you can get qualified people servicing your company for a lot less then hiring staff locally.

This firm has a Civil and Structural Engineer, a MEP Engineer (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and an Architect in charge of a department with a staff of graduates that are licensed too. In America you see more drafting school graduates or fresh graduates working to get their requirements for their license.

The firm is also knowledgeable of the building and structural codes. They are using the latest software.

If you know of any company in need of the services, please contact me and I will pass the information to the principals.

4 Responses to “I Got a Job”

  1. robdelacruz says:

    Good luck and it’s a good start! Here’s hoping this becomes a good income source in the future.

    -rob (philippinevoyager)

  2. brspiritus says:

    Congrats Bruce, I know you have been looking for a long time. Everything is copasetic here in the US. My report date is June 1st for Alaska. I’ll be here in Maryland until May then I’m spending a month in Florida with my dad and his family before jetting to Ak.

  3. Anonymous says:

    congratulations, bruce!


  4. Bruce says:


    Thanks for the kind words. I hope you an Julius are doing well.

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