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I have been Interviewed

When I came here to visit Davao in August 2007 I met Bob Martin from Live in the Philippines Web-magazine.

I remember him mentioning he was invited to be interviewed by Expat Interviews a website that interviews Expats from all over the world and all countries.

Well the other day I received an email from them asking if I would like to be interviewed snd my interview put on their site.

I figured, why not. It will let people who do not know my site to learn about me and will, maybe get them to visit American in Davao.

If your interested, you can read my interview by clicking here. I hope you will enjoy.

6 Responses to “I have been Interviewed”

  1. Tom Martin says:

    I am glad you were honest about the amount needed to live in the Philippines comfortably. I am so tired of reading sites that say you can LIVE LIKE A KING on 350 dollars a month. I to believe it takes about $2000 a month to live a western style life. I spend more, but it is because I eat all meals except breakfast out in a first class restaurants, I pay about 1000 pesos every ten days for laundry service, I pay my caregiver 3500 a week and that is more than most pay two house people for a month and all of my townhouse is aircondition so my electric bill is high.

    • Bruce says:

      As you know, I try to live cautiously and still spend clost to $1000 a month.
      Also with the state of the world economy, I am trying to watch our spending too.
      I only use Aircon when I sleep and try to keep lights out when not needed. I also try to eat at places that are not expensive but can still eat things I enjoy.

  2. Mindanao Bob says:

    Hi Bruce – I believe that living on $1,500 per month is comfortable, but $2,000 is realistic too.

    I thought your interview was good, you gave realistic answers.

  3. Migs says:

    Hi Bruce, Migs here. Who interviewed you, if I may ask? Was it someone by the name of Lizza? 🙂


    • Bruce says:

      Welcome. I am glad you visited and commented. Long time no see, both online and off.
      It really was not an interview, it was a set of questions to answer, but yes, Lizza emailed me.
      Keep visiting and commenting.

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