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I Recieved 2 Awards

A while back I received a comment from a Filipina from Cagayan de Oro City here on Mindanao.

As I usually do when I get a new visitor/commenter, I visited her site. Janice’s site My Corner is a nice and light site where she writes about thoughts and special moments she wants to share and relate to her readers. I enjoyed her site so much I added her to my Favorite Site list.


Yesterday she commented here that I won an award and then later that I won 2 awards. These awards are just something her blog friends and her are using to show the sites they enjoy. My 2 awards are 2009 Friendly Blogger Award and Best Blogger Award 09.

It is not like the Blogger Choice Awards where you or some one nominates you and maybe a few 2009_friendly_bloggerfriend will sign up to give you a vote but it is nice someone thought enough of my site to let her readers know about.

Thank you Janice for enjoying my site and letting your friends and readers know about my site.

Maybe someday you will come to Davao, or  Elena and I will travel to CDO and we can meet you.

8 Responses to “I Recieved 2 Awards”

  1. Janice says:

    Hi Bruce! Glad you liked your award 🙂 I do enjoy reading your posts very much (and I envy the sea foods too!) Yep, sure will love meeting you and Elena in the future! 🙂 Had been planning to go and visit Davao but went to Bohol instead hehehe My team might visit Davao soon – pearl farm here we come!!! 🙂

    Take care always and have a very pleasant and blessed weekend! 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      I am glad you enjoy my articles. Recently suffering writers block.
      I hope you will visit and we all can meet. What team? From work? Since I lost google adsense, you and your team can treat Elena and me to Pearl Farm, never been there.
      Have a good and Blessed weekend too.

  2. Evelyn says:

    hi bruce, evelyn here…i might be visiting davao next may i contact you?
    can you give me your contact number so i could call you whenever i am there?
    thanks and more power to your blog and see you and elena soon

  3. Lizza says:

    Congratulations on your blogging awards, Bruce. They’re well deserved.

  4. julie davao city says:

    hello bruce somebody told me about this site his name is stefan from sweden.i was so enjoyed reading comments since yesterday…..i will always visit this site

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you for visiting and enjoying my site. Stefan found my site a while back and over a weekend read all my articles. Now he has become a friend over the net.
      Feel free to comment any time you like and tell your friends. If you ever see me around Davao, please do not be shy to introduce yourself and say hi.

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