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I was Fooled, but no more I hope

A while ago an old girlfriend found me on Facebook and then this site. Since then I get comments from different names that are either shallow comments, weak questions to abusive remarks to me and some of my readers. Through my checking, I am almost positive it is the from the same person.

They use email addresses with a first name such as Now it is possible to have a Yahoo email account if you were the first person to get such an email address many years ago when yahoo first started, but the chances of a few commentator’s with nasty comments being able to have such an email address and place a comment on this site is too much of a coincidence. I had tried to email them to stop and received a return email stating there is no such email account.

Now, there is something you might not know. Every comment I receive has the name, email address and website the person uses when filling out the form, but I also get their IP address. An IP address is a number that designates what county, region and even the internet provider issuing the address. Now most times you connect to the internet, you receive a new IP address, but it can still be linked back to the provider, the company you use to connect to the internet.

There are site on the net where you can identify the country, state, city and provider from a IP address. The government and other agencies can contact a provider and give the time, date and ip address and the provider can tell which of their customers had that address assigned to them at that time.

Well, I have noted that all these abusive comments are from the same provider. Now, I am not going to pay to get the actual name and address of this person but I will not let this person post on my site. The comments they make are immature, abusive and insulting. One time I relieved a comment stating why I do not let comments that disagree with me to post. As anyone can see, I let all pertinent information and comments to post, even if they disagree with me. This is how we learn from each other. I allow many sides of feelings to my articles and other comments, but I expect respect.

Well, if this person sees this, I am giving notice, no of their comments will ever post, and even the one alias that they use that has been civil will be banned not too. You can waste all the time you want writing, but will continue to be frustrated since none will be posted on my site.

Also, I am keeping all of these comments and emails. If the day comes where I feel they are becoming a threat to my welfare, I will go to the authorities and file for a restraining order and sue for slander and defamation of character in a libel suit. Let this be a warning to you.

20 Responses to “I was Fooled, but no more I hope”

  1. Oh Bruce, I find it amazing that people have time for this. Doing it towards someone like you with honest, good intentions when dealing with other people makes it even more amazing. Good luck going back to your home country. I hope it will turn out good for you. Myself I am still unemployed here too…

    • Bruce says:

      Some people hold grudges and some are psychologically imbalanced. They have the need to waste time causing trouble.
      I hope you find work soon. If you think it is hard there, wait until you move here.

  2. Greg says:

    As Stefan says, it is amazing that someone has the time to do this. And for what result? They merely are making themselves miserable.

    Almost all internet activity it traceable at some level. For example: if a girl lived in San Antonio, Texas, and while at home left a comment that is abusive or offensive, the IP would be her from her home provider. Then, if she also decides to leave a nasty comment from work, the IP and provider may be different, but still would show San Antonio as the origin.

    Now if by some divine joke (or nightmare), this same girl managed to have a husband (brings me thoughts of the movie Misery, and Kathy Bates playing Annie), and he tried to leave a nasty comment from work, the IP will again be different, as would the provider, but the IP still would show as originating around San Antonio, TX.

    So you are right Bruce: this person leaving comments is wasting both your and her time. And the posts will never be seem by anyone.

    Some people are just ignorant in these matters.

    Disclaimer: The use of the example ‘San Antonio” and ‘Tezas’ is for representative purposes only and any coincidence either real or imagined is purely coincidental.

    • Bruce says:

      About tracing, that is why I am saving all correspondence. I will be about to use it if I ever need to go to the authorities. It is funny you put San Antonio. That is the area this person is from.

  3. Andrew says:

    That’s the Internet for you…lot’s of negativity involved. Could you have a old flame that has a grudge against you? We may never know but I think you are handling it in a very professional manner. Good Luck…I like your blog!

  4. Leon Andrews says:

    Yeah Bruce, Lots of people don’t know this and their also not aware you can trace the history of emails in much the same way.

    While ago a guy here in Davao tried to tell me the email he forwarded to me had been to Spain twice and then on forwardeded to myself.

    Easy to see it had been sent to himself and then forwarded to me. LOL.

    Very hard to delete anything from your compter’s hard drive unless it’s over written with 0’s and 1’s at least twice. Programs are available to do this and also to recover lost and deleted files.

    The Internet s not a safe place to be if trying to hide some thing.

    Regards Leon…

  5. sandy says:

    Bruce it seems that you have called people things as well, psychologically imbalanced is not a good thing to say about someone. Just remember to sue for slander and defamation of character in a libel suit is a two way street. I would be careful. S

    • Bruce says:

      Thinks I received in emails and comments were slanderous in nature. What I wrote back at times were accurate and can be proven.

      Definitions of libel and slander are:

      Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person.

      Defamation may be a criminal or civil charge. It encompasses both written statements, known as libel, and spoken statements, called slander.

  6. SteveinDavao says:

    Hey Bruce, if it crawls up a tree and acts like a nut…it’s a NUT!!! Call’em as you see’em. Slander suits are very hard to prove, especially if she really is “psychologically imbalanced”. Anyone that would go out of their way to harrass you from half way around the world is not a candidate for a winning libel case.

  7. sandy says:


    I have to agree with StevinDavao. I would not even bother whoever it is will give up. I had the same thing happen to me a couple years ago, after tryig the legal avenue was told it would be best to let it go and they did stop. If you go with this though I would be 100% that you never said anything back that was hurtful or untrue about this other person. In anger we all do things I am sure; we say and do things that we would not ordinarly do.

  8. Caesar Erel O. Macahilig says:

    Hello Bruce,

    I could not help reading your posts without giving some reaction so I might as well give a line or two. Temptation (in its many forms) is always near the person being tempted. Just be careful Bruce.

  9. sandy says:

    Bruce, Unless someone knows where you are it would seem there could be no threat actually. You can block them on the computer and not worry about it anymore. S

  10. irving says:

    Hi Bruce, i just pass by your blog. My honest opinion, block them and forget about it. Libel suit does not work here in the Philippines, it would only cost you money time and misery.

  11. Vanessa says:

    hey Bruce… i came across your site cuz i googled chantix… and i read your interesting blogs… i also googled ur issue about this libel and slander things and i found this website—->
    i read this phrase and i hope this might be helpful ^_^

    The law doesn’t protect you from a personal insult or a remark that injures only your pride; it protects reputation, not feelings. So if someone calls you a lazy slob, you might be hurt, but you probably don’t have a good reason to sue. If he goes on to say you cheat in your business dealings, you probably do have a good reason to sue, as long as he says it to someone else, not just to you. If he says it only to you, you can’t sue because he has not hurt your reputation.

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