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Interesting People and Bridge in Davao

In the past I have mentioned Filipino Friends and Foreigner Friends. Most of my Foreigner friends are from the two Expat Associations here I belong to.

Well about a month ago one close friend introduced me to one of his friends from outside either groups. I had heard of him when my friend spoke of him and he sounded interesting. Well about a month ago, my close friend invited me to lunch to meet this other man.

This person is from the UK and is older than me, which most expats are. He speaks well and I learned he was a marathon runner and an international concert pianist. He speaks or understands about 17 languages and has played the piano in concerts all over the world and has also been the teacher of some concert pianists out today.

With all this, his knowledge is vast and also well rounded. I love comedy and he knows of my favorites form the past and more modern times.

One day he mentioned Bridge to me. I told him I play Hearts and Spades and have even played Whist but in the States any body I knew who played Bridge, when asked to teach me said “Buy a book and learn, I have no patience to teach.”

When I told him this, he laughed and said he would like to teach me and once I learned to join his Bridge Group. He also mentioned at our second lesson that one of his friends who is an experienced player offered to play with his wife, my friend and I to gain experience.

Well today is my 3rd lesson. The playing of the cards is similar to Hearts and Spades except the team that wins the bid, one of the plays puts his cards down for all to see and his partner plays both hands in their turn.

You start by bidding what suit you would like to be trump and if you win the bid, either you get it and get the points or you lose them. The difficult part is the bidding. All of the bids are just codes to tell your partner how strong or weak your hand is, but the codes are standard s the other team knows whaat you mean too.  You would not say, “Partner, I have a lot of strong cards and my main suit is spades” you would say “One Spade.” If your bids something else and you want to let him know you really are strong in Spades your next bid could be “Two Spades” not “Partner, I have a lot of high spades”

There is a bid to tell your partner, and the other players you have a garbage hand.

The bidding, and the codes are the hardest part of the game, but I was told at first I can have a little code sheet.

Well today is my 3rd lesson, wish me luck.

13 Responses to “Interesting People and Bridge in Davao”

  1. Evelyn says:

    Good luck to your lesson,bruce..
    but if i were there, i’d rather watch the concert..hehehe

  2. Julie says:

    keep it up sir bruce…i’m eager to know that game maybe sometime if i’ll have the book for my guide…but i love concert anyway…hahaha..

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks. I do not know if you have ever played Spades, Hearts or Whist. They are a good way to learn the play part of the game. Then with a book or a teacher you can learn the first part of each hand which is the bid or auction.

  3. Evelyn says:

    bruce,the popular cardgame there is called tong-its LOL
    ever played tong-its?
    i don’t know the mechanics but i heard it sooo many times there

  4. Bridge is the most challenging of card games especially Duplicate Bridge. What you are learning is Party Bridge-mostly for social interaction. But Duplicate Bridge is one of the most competitive game I have ever known. I have played bridge for the last 50 years, even before computerization. It keeps me from developing AZ disease, but it could also be addicting, like playing mahjong, tong-it or the slot machines.

    Last year I played duplicate bridge on line with players all over the world almost every day. I gave it up, because it so competitive and not relaxing any more. I now just play solo with computers characters from a CD(Hoyle Card Games). You can adjust the level of play, as beginners, intermediate or expert. The CD contains other 18 card games including Hearts or Spades, By the way, I also love playing Hearts and Spades.

    Have Fun!

    • Bruce says:

      It is American Standard even though most are from the UK. Go figure. 🙂
      My friend Russel who is teaching me is nice and relaxed about the teaching and told me a man and his wife, who we will play with are understanding and will help me bid, change bids and are not cut throat players. I will just feel like a kid since I am about 20 years younger than the others.
      If you ever visit here in Davao maybe we can arrange a game.

  5. maria says:

    hi bruce
    how long has this marathoner and pianist lived in the philippines? maybe you can interview him for your blog. and if you do, ask if he runs in davao regularly.


    • Bruce says:

      I think he has been here 5 years, but I am not sure. HE is out every morning with his wife running and belong to the Davao Runners. His wife ran some 5k and 10k with him too.

  6. julie says:

    sir, here in the philippines there are so many card games, spades, hearts, diamonds etc…it’s nice to play on leisure times hahaha….

    • Bruce says:

      You mean everyone here do not just play Tong-it or Texas Hold-um and the Casinos? hahaha
      I love Hearts, Spades, Whist and hope to become proficient in Bridge.
      Remember me if you ever need a 4th at any of these games.

  7. julie says:

    yah sure, thanks anyway

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