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Internet Slower than a Snails Pace

Since Wednesday the internet has been very slow in the Philippines. The report has been that two undersea cables were damaged and the phone companies have been trying to reroute the traffic.

I have tried to enter here to reply to comments. At times, after logging in, and waiting 10 minutes, the page didn’t fully load. From fustration, I just closed the computer.

It is now 9pm here and just got home from a long day at a family event. Tomorrow morning I will answer all comments.

Sorry to all for the delay.

14 Responses to “Internet Slower than a Snails Pace”

  1. ExpatBrazil says:

    Grim. Brazil for the most part has fast internet connections with the exception of areas in the Amazon. Do you have options for service or is it a state monopoly?


    • Bruce says:

      Expat Brazil,
      Here it is a business. There are 3 phone companies that provide service plus a cable version. The problem is the expense of the installation fees and other problems switching. We use the local phone company. I prefer to have phone and internet through the same company.

      • Rich says:


        Maybe you should check into that SmartBro option that Bob was talking about he was singing the praises of it, I may get 1 for the month I will be there, if internet in the house we are renting is not good.
        It would require no switching really its just a sim card and box with good speeds, well good speeds in the PI 🙂

  2. Rich says:

    We have noticed it as well, phone lines have been crazy overloaded past 2 days, we have spent at least a hour trying to get thru. 🙁

  3. Marvin says:

    We’re slow up here in Luzon too. I have smart bro, little box antenna points in the direction of another antenna on the building up the road. It claims 100 Mbps but only tops out at 30 Mbps when the internet cafes are closed. During peak hours or hot days when folks go to the cafe for the aircon it will bounce around zero to 6 Mbps. I had PLDT but it was terrible service up here, always down and all the brown outs didn’t help either. Some places near by are WiFi zones using smartbro and when I point my laptop in their direction ( from my roof ) it is sometimes possible to connect and get 100Mbps.

  4. Dan Mihaliak says:

    Hi Bruce

    It seems like they have cable problems at least once a year. Kind of scares me because my business depends on internet access when I move to the Philippines.

  5. Ken Harmes says:

    I recently called in a Bayantel technician because the internet link kept on being dropped and it was very slow.Touch wood, every aspect is now very much improved.Not being a computer whizz kid I dont know what he did but he did it well?

  6. Tom says:

    Yes it was slow for my communications too and the Magic Jack went out as well. Not much you can do about it if the main cables are at fault. Just have to grin and bare it. 😎

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