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Kadayawan 2009 Disappointment

This year as the same last year, I did not have the energy to battle the heat and the crowds and go downtown for the Kadayawan Parades. On Saturday is the parade for the dance teams. These are teams that dress in native outfits and do native folk type dancing. On Sunday is the Parade of Floats.

But, we guessed that they would do the same and have the floats on display at SM City Mall in Ecoland but we were disappointed.

We did our usual Sunday morning chore of going to the Palengke for our usual meat, fish, and vegetable and fruit purchases. After we were done we stopped at McDonalds for a quick breakfast. When we got home we unloaded our provisions and after the girls unpacked and put away all the foods, we relaxed a little, showered as usual.
Instead of going to Gaisano Mall, as we usually do, we decided to head out to the other side of town and go to SM to have lunch, see the floats and finish our marketing there. We took two of our nieces, one had review school, and our new addition to our house, our maid/helper (this will be explained more I a future article) and headed out to Ecoland. As I guessed, the parking lot was very full but after waiting in an aisle, a car moved out and we got a decent spot.
The mall was so very much crowed but we made our way to one of our favorite restaurants at that mall, Turquoise, a Turkish Restaurant (Mofloat-1re about this restaurant will be highlighted in a future article also). Because of the crowded mall all the restaurants had waiting lines and Turquoise was no exception. We were lucky and only had to wait about 5 minutes until we got a booth and a waiter brought a chair right away for the 5th of our group to sit at the end of the table. The restaurant was overwhelmed with the crowds and also they were short two of their wait staff. Because of this, the meal was slower than usual and Elena had to wait a long time for her entree to arrive.
After we finished we headed out to see the beautiful floats, or so we expected. Last year one whole section was dedicated for the float display. As we were walking and got closer, we saw the area had cars parked. We kept wondering if they moved the display to a different area. We decided to continue to head our way and see for sure. As we got real close, we saw a float towards the far end. As we arrived, we saw there was only one big float, one medium sized and 2 small ones that would have had to be pulled my man or maybe a small vehicle. One other arrived being pulled by a horse. This one came in, passed by us and then continued out of the mall lot to head home, I would guess. We took a few photos and then headed back into the mall. As we got through the crowd at the door Elena and I was going to go to the Super Market and the girls were going to explore the mall.  For reasons that will be explained later in the week about “Peso Mentality” we decided to text the girls to meet us and go to Gaisano Mall instead.
Again, because of the Kadayawan festivities, Gaisano was packed with people. I dropped Elena and the girls off before parking and planned to meet at the Super Market. It turned out there was a show planned with celebrity singers at the mall, so along the rails on the upper floors and the main floor was packed with people. As I went to go outside for a cigarette, the crowds of people entering almost filled the isles to the exit.

I finally met up with Elena, and after we finished the shopping, the girls met us by the cashier. As usual, Elena, now with the girls, went outside with the groceries and I would take the receipts to get our shopping points and go get the car. This is because at Gaisano, the parking is a multilevel parking structure. So I get the car, and drive down to the lower level to have all our bags loaded into the car. Well, by the time I reached the first floor, the isles leading to the Atrium where the stage is was packed with people. I had to squeeze through the crowds to get to the information desk where they enter our receipts into their computer. Then with my ears ringing from the screaming fans, I had to squeeze my way out to get to the escalator to get up to the 3rd floor to get my car.

I know as most people do, and probably more so for Filipinos in Davao, who rarely get to see and hear their famous celebrities in person, the mall was so full. With the threats in this country, and even for a fire emergency possibility, I wonder what would happen, and how many people would get hurt if any type of emergency happened in there with such crowds packed in the mall. I hope and pray it never does.

Maybe next year I will be able to get the energy and give a better report with more “On the Scene” photos of the events of Kadayawan.

4 Responses to “Kadayawan 2009 Disappointment”

  1. Marvin says:

    I was wondering Bruce, you say you accompany your wife on Sundays to the wet and dry market. Do you ever get the impression that the prices are higher when vendors see you with her ? We usually get a lower price when I’m not around.

    • Bruce says:

      Actually, all the vendors know me, and at times when I went alone, or brought a friend, we get the low Suki prices too. It helps when you talk and be friendly with people. Last sunday a vender I talk to, but never shop at shared his sliced pineapple with me.

  2. Ken Harmes says:

    We went to the IndakIndak on Saturday and yes it was hot but very enjoyable. Congrats to all participants,especially the younger ones,it must have been a very long day for them as they had the competition in the evening.
    We saw the parade of floats and clubs on Sunday and although it didn’t seem as long as last year, I was impressed with the time that must go into the projects. Well done all!

    • Bruce says:


      I am happy and a little jealous you went. This is the second time I did not go. Did you take any photos? If you did would you be kind enough to let me use some on the article?

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