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Keeping My Positive Attitude

As I wrote in my last article, I am trying to keep a positive attitude. This was clear a few weeks back. It was a busy weekend so I decided to work both of my days off, Thursday and Friday. It also shows, even when tough things happen, there are ways to look at the situation in a positive way or to find something positive.

On both those days, I put over $300 on the meter, which I had never done before. As I left the yard Friday after turning in my money and paperwork I was Jazzed that I broke the $300 level 2 days in a row. As I exited the yard and turned to the area the scooters and motorcycles park, I saw mine was gone. Someone stole it.   I spoke to someone in security and was told it was not on company property so all I could do is call the police. When I called, I was told, since it is not a registered vehicle, all I can do is go to the police station and file a report. I said I do not have transportation and they would probably never find it so why bother. My positive thought was, at least I had money in the bank available to purchase another scooter.

I then saw a friend coming off work. I asked him if he would give me a ride home and the next day give me a ride to North Las Vegas to buy another scooter. He agreed to assist me but I he gets off at 2pm. I told him I would just come in early so not to inconvenience him.

The next day another friend drove me in at 3am even though my shift on Saturdays starts at 5:30am. At 3:10am, the coordinator asked me if I wanted to work the 3:30 shift, because someone called in sick. This way I would only have to lose one hour of work. Not only did I get to start early, the car I took over was brand new and only 7,000 miles. At 2pm I came in and my friend drove me to get the new scooter.

One Sunday, I scooted to work and locked it up in a less convenient location, but more secure and within the site of the security. I then went on my shift. On Sunday I do not have a full unrestricted taxi as I had on my two days off, but a geographically restricted which means I cannot pick up customers on the Strip, Downtown or at the airport. Well, even with my restriction I broke $300 a third time at $300.50 but the amazing thing is I made $152.50 in Tips. I looked up and solemnly gave my thanks.

For the people that know me, or read my site might wonder why I gave up the “easy life” in the Philippines to be just a taxi driver in Las Vegas. A taxi driver’s income is based on commissions from the fares and the generosity of the customers.   Well, my life in the Philippines was a precarious life. We lived on the small amount I received from an Annuity and the support from Elena’s nephew. He promised to always support us, but as we know, promises can be broken. A month before I left, he had reduced the amount he was sending us.

Well, my life in Las Vegas is not so bad. I have worked hard learning the city, the locations and how to converse with my customers. I am friendly, helpful and do not cheat. There are drivers known to “Long Haul” their customers. This is driving a less than direct route and causing the fare to be twice to three times the normal cost. I will not do that.

Every morning I stag at a local “Gentleman’s” club. They put out for the drivers coffee, bottled water and packaged cookies. I take about eight bottles and have them to offer it to my customers at no charge. I also tell them I cannot afford to be the “Cash Cab” but try to be the Fun Cab.

With my friendly attitude and sincerity, I have been doing well in tips and fares. I am making enough to cover my bills, send some to Elena and even save and watch my bank account grow. I am working 6 or 7 days a week, but I actually enjoy working. I have met and made friends with many of the drivers, most of which are Filipinos. I also get to talk and learn from the many customers I have had from many countries in the world.

I apologize again of the lack of new articles, but it is hard to write coherently when you are working 12 hours a day and not getting enough sleep. I appreciate the older readers who continue to follow my life and for the new readers who have found my site and enjoy me writings.

14 Responses to “Keeping My Positive Attitude”

  1. Anthony Lane says:

    Hey ol Buddy! Keep up the good work there. If you ever need a taxi in davao you will get a 5% discount for you and your family!Hope you have a good lock and thick chain!! Lo Jack for scooters??

  2. don m. says:

    Hang in there Bruce. Boy are working the long hours. I only check your site about once a week and am always glad when I see a new blog.
    When I had my store I work for 7 and a half years with no days off. You can do it as you have a good reason. Hope the paper work is about done and you wife will be there soon. Best from don and mercy.

  3. maria says:

    hi bruce
    it must be a surprize for the filipino drivers to learn you lived in the philippines. i would certainly appreciate you not long hauling me as a passenger and i appreciate it as a reader of your blog.

    • Bruce says:

      I will not long haul anyone. At times that I know the traffic is bad on the surface streets, I will ask if they want the interstate which is faster but a little more cost.

  4. roy says:

    Hello Bruce,
    It’s nice to know that you’re doing ok. I’m going to the Phil after 6 years of being gone. When I come back to the states, I’m starting over as well.

    • queeniebee says:

      Hi Bruce, Boy, “When it rains it pours”! So sorry to hear about the theft of your scooter after you worked so hard to earn the money. I applaud your tenacity in recovering so quick, and continuing along on your way in such a patient and upbeat way. I know that helping your wife and anticipating her coming here is a big incentive, and I hope that happens soon for you both.

    • queeniebee says:

      Hi Roy, I hope that you have a great trip and visit back to Manila! When you return to the States, I wish you best wishes as well in your new ventures.

  5. don m. says:

    I hope by Christmas you & your wife will be together.

  6. Henry says:

    Bruce, hang in there, buddy. I, too, work long & crazy hours (75 hours, Monday through Friday). As some people say things will get better, I certainly hope that’s true. Hope to meet you soon in 2011. The first round’s on me.

  7. Evelyn says:

    ohhhhh…i am soo sad to hear about your scooter..
    too bad there are some bad guys all over the world…
    anyway, i like your positivism..
    keep it up and u will live a long life…
    here’s hoping and praying elena will get here ASAP

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