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Little League World Series and Williamsport, PA Remembered

While browsing the net I noticed articles about the Little League World Series. This brought back a few memories.

Williamsport is a nice and quiet town in the north eastern part of the state. It was originally a boom town for the logging industry. In the late 1800’s it was known as the “Lumber Capital of the World.” Now Williamsport is world famous as the location for the yearly Little League World Series. This year Vice President Biden was honored since he grew up in Pennsylvania and was a member of the Little League.

little_league_world_seriesOne memory of Williamsport and the Little League World Series was the scandal in 1992 when the Philippine team, after winning the series, was caught using players that did not meet the requirements of the Little League rules. williamsportEventually the honor was removed and given to the team from Long Beach, California who originally held second place.

Another but better memory for me about Williamsport was, in 1989 I moved back to New York from California for a few months. My brother at that time was living in Reading, PA but previously lived in Williamsport. Since Williamsport is a very beautiful and friendly city and since my brother still had many friends there, we would meet at times for a weekend of bonding, drinking and fun. I would take a Friday off from work and leave early in the day to drive there. It was a beautiful drive through the Pocono Mountains with all the green vegetation. Once there I would head to Franco’s Italian Restaurant. This little restaurant and bar was a favorite hangout of my brother. After my first visit, each return trip as I entered Franco’s, I would hear a friendly “Bruce welcome back” from one of Franco’s sons working behind the bar. We would spend many hours there drinking and joking with all my brothers’ old friends.

harry02One of these trips I received a special treat, Harry Anderson, the street magician and actor of the old TV comedy “Night Court” was to do a magic show at a local college auditorium. The show was entertaining and with his natural humor was a real treat. If you were a “Night Court” fan, you might remember, the character would always play Mel Torme recordings. One of my brothers friends photo copied Mel Torme’s face from an old album cover and cut out masks for us all to hold up over our face. When Harry entered the stage, all of us, about 20, were sitting there with the Mel Torme masks. Harry saw this and bent over laughing. Later I met Harry Anderson at one of the local bars. He was genuinely friendly and nice to chat with.

It is nice when something triggers a fond memory of the past.

10 Responses to “Little League World Series and Williamsport, PA Remembered”

  1. Evelyn says:

    this is where i left a comment that it didn’t go through..
    anyway, i was saying that..i think we went through and by Williamsport,PA when we left Niagara falls blvd,NY to Harrisburg,PA where we spent the night…i think one can see the Sesquahana river on this drive…..then the ff day we headed to Gettysburg military park and museum in Pennsylvania..then off we went to Washington DC to get a glimpse of the White House and the Washington memorial,Jefferson memorial and the Lincoln memorial…then we went on to Manassas,Virginia and visited the first and second battlefield of the Bull Run there….then to Roanoke,VA and on and on and on…to california…i think we covered around 18 states in this trip….

  2. Evelyn says:

    bruce, no, we did not go to that place..why what’s in there?i remembered we stopped by Lexington,VA for lunch..

    • Bruce says:


      It is a village that is like back in the 1700’s. All the people dress in period outfits and speak in the old english language. All the shops make items with the same technology and tools from that period.

  3. Evelyn says:

    oh this is interesting…but i have been to virginia city in nevada and the employees at their information office center there were also dressed in 1700 costumes…

    • Bruce says:

      In Williamsberg VA they do everything as it was done in the 1700’s. The furniture maker uses a waterwheel for power and the silversmith hand hammers the silver to make all the tea and coffee servers.

      There are some homes that have been modernized inside, but the exterior cannot be changed.

  4. Dina says:

    hey there bruce, i was blog-walking and found your writing here about williamsport, PA. i was a former exchange student and was placed in williamsport for a whole school year. so it’s nice to read about the town i was in. oh, and i also like franco’s very much! the food is delicious. nice writing!

    greetings from indonesia!

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you for enjoying my article. I hope you will continue to visit, enjoy and comment. Feel free to tell me and the readers more about your life. I enjoy meeting people through this venue from different places. I think your the first person from Indonesia and I know very little of your country.

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