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Manny “the Packman” Pacquiao Does it Again

Today my two nephews and I went to see the Pacquiao VS Cotto fight. Up to now I was worried about Manny’s chances with Cotto.  I am not saying Manny is a good of a boxer, I think he is an amazing boxer.

What I was uncertain of with Sundays fight with Miguel Cotto is that Cotto has been in this weight class, welterweight and held the title. From what I read and heard, he has a solid boxing style.  Manny has just increased his weight to fight in this class. In addition, Manny’s style is what I like to call a “mongoose.” Manny is always on the move and strikes from the side. He is also quick, once his fists start flying, they are nonstop until he moves back. One of his opponents stated, “It was like being hit by 20 fighters.”

Manny is a 30-year-old Filipino boxer who has fought since he was 16 years old. He started his career as a Flyweight contender at a weight of 106 pounds.  As his career excelled he increased his weight and competed in each class along the way.

Before Sundays fight, he had won the World Champion title in all six of each class he has fought. Now he holds a new record, the only fighter to have won the Championship title in seven classes.

The first round was given to Cotto, but it was a usual first round where each fighter was learning their opponents movements and style. After that, the “Packman” took over. He would circle and move making Cotto follow. Whenever an opening came, Manny was in there giving his punishment.  Towards the end of each of the upper rounds, Manny would have Cotto in is sigmanny-pacquiao-vs-miguel-cottohts and giving him a pounding. If there was more time, I am sure the fight would have ended sooner, but the bell rang and they got a break to rest, reset and get advice from their trainer.

Each break, you would see Cottos corner crew working on his face. You could see how his face was taking a beating. The welts and swelling would increase. By the end of the fight, Cotto only slightly resembled the man who started the fight.
By the 11 round, Cotto was mainly trying to keep away and not get hit anymore. On the final round, 55 seconds before the end of the fight, the referee finally stopped the fight since he felt Cotto had enough of a beating and did not want him hurt any worse.

What is in the future for Manny “the Packman” Pacquiao, I do not know. One thing I have thought of, is the higher the weight class, usually the taller the fighter. Manny is only 5’ 6.5” tall and eventually he will have to fight someone with a longer reach.

Whatever he does, I am sure he will well and I hope he will stay in a class, or retire before he loses his magic.

6 Responses to “Manny “the Packman” Pacquiao Does it Again”

  1. Steve in Davao says:

    Great fight, I am amazed at how much I was drawn in to this fight. Although I am an American living here, I felt the national pride of having a hometown hero in the fight. The Filipino people have a hero among them. Good job, Pacman.

  2. Ken says:

    Another great performance by Manny. Congrats!!!! to him, all of his Filipino fans, as well as us American fans who never misses a chance to see him perform. I actually took off 3 hours of work to see the fight.

    Cotto, in this fight reminded me a lot of George Foreman without the power, in that nearly all of his punches were slow and calulated….anounced so to speak. He looked like a shadow of his former self, but what fighter doesn’t during a match with the “PACMAN”. I have seen nearly all of Manny’s amateur fights (on video of course), and even back then the majority of his opponents were much bigger than himself.

    Unfortunately, there is rumor that his next fight might be against Floyd Mayweather Jr., I say unfortunately becoz they both are equally my favorite Boxers……but then again so were Hearns and Hagler. As big a fan of boxing as I am, this is one fight I do not wish to see, but I assure you that if the fight is made I will be right there watching every heart thumping second of the match as if it were me inside that squared circle.

    Again, congrats!!! to Manny. Thanks for giving us another taste of what boxing used to be all about.

    • Bruce says:


      Well said. I am not a historian or boxing. I enjoy to watch though. I am amazed how Manny can do what he does. If there is a next fight, maybe you will join me and my nephew to see it live. This time we were at World Palace and I enjoyed the venue.

  3. Ken says:


    Thanks for the invite. Count me in….

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