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Manny the “Pacman” Pacquiao does it again

Sunday, for the third time since I have been living in the Philippines, I went to see a live telecast of Manny Pacquiao boxing fight. This time he was fighting Joshua Clottey from Ghana.

My first impression seeing Clottey was the same thought as when I saw the fight against Coto, this guy looks bigger and more defined than Manny. However, I also had to remember, Manny is so fast and not a congenital pugilist. Manny likes to move and attach from the side.  In addition, he is so fast; many compactors have commented that Manny’s fists come as a blur.

As the fight started, Clottey mostly kept his hands up protecting his face and head as Manny pounded away with body blows. One commentator mentioned that Clottey might be letting Manny tire himself out since most boxers cannot keep up such energy for a 12 round fight. Little did they know, Manny is a machine and can throw flurries of punches all through a fight and that is what happened today?
During the break between the 11th and 12th round, Clottey’s corner he was told, “Take a chance, if you do not knock him out, you will lose.” Well as most of us know, Clottey kept his hands up most of the time and Manny won with a unanimous decision.

I hope that the next fight will be Manny against Mayweather. After that, who knows what will be next for Manny. I am not sure Manny can go again up to another weight class. As he goes up, many of the others in that class will be taller and longer reaches. Even with the lightning speed of Manny, a taller fighter with a longer reach advantage might be too much for this terror of the ring.

For now, not only is Manny a Hero in the Filipinos eyes, he is a well respected boxer and a power to be reckoned with.

13 Responses to “Manny the “Pacman” Pacquiao does it again”

  1. Evelyn says:

    another feather on his cap…
    congratulations to manny the pacman guy

  2. SteveinDavao says:

    Manny is definitely a power house in the boxing world.
    His next fight will tell a lot about him. The question still hangs in the air, “Does Manny use performance enhancing drugs?” The testing Manny has agreed to so far, does not check for those drugs. Mayweather will insist on testing for just that reason. Many people think that Mayweather is just afraid to fight Pacquiao, but why should he be afraid of another fighter; he’s the reigning champ and a superior fighter who, quite simply, could hand Pacquiao a quick defeat. Boxing is all about the next fight and the “He’s afraid” story just doesn’t hold water.
    I hope Pacquiao will agree to fight Mayweather and Manny goes on to win another title. I’m a Pacman fan. I’d really like him to prove he’s “clean” and then take the richest purse in boxing home to the Philippines.
    Then, I’d like to see him retire while he’s on top, THE CHAMP, and not suffer the brain damage from too many punches and other injuries that have plagued great fighters like Mohammad Ali. Get out young and rich and go make more goofy movies for us to enjoy.
    Good luck to Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, he deserves a rest and then a shot at Mayweather’s title.

    • Bruce says:

      I do not really understand why Manny will not agree to the blood test. I would like to see him fight and beat Mayweather too and win. About brain damage, not too many get a chace to hit him with his speedy punches.
      I think he could handle going up another weight class except the higher he goes, the taller the fighters with longer arms will be competing.

  3. I saw the fight against Cotto in November in Cebu city. It was amazing to be around Filipinos in the Philippines watching it in a sports bar.
    I am not an expert but it is amazing to be able to keep speed when moving up to higher weight classes. That is one of his biggest secrets, to be able to keep up the speed. I agree, strange with blood test.

    • Bruce says:

      I do not understand why Manny will not take a blood test. He says he gets a reaction. I have given blood and in a few hours your back to normal. This last fight, some say, Clottey only went in for the money. We will never know.

      About weight classes, I think Manny handled it well and looks like he could go up to the next except the higher he goes, the chances for fighters with a longer reach and height.

  4. Kenneth Crawley says:

    I have been so disappointed in Mayweather and his fear of fighting Pacquiao.

    (1) I am proud of Paquiao and the power he has. I have respect for Clotty for going in the ring with him and also for standing toe to toe with him for twelve rounds. I even expected Pacquiao to have a TKO and Clotty lasted thoughout. Compare this to Mayweather.

    (2) I hope and pray that Mayweather never gets a fight with Pacquiao, I don’t feel that he even deserves a fight with the best. Mayweather has already shown his true colors.

    • Bruce says:

      I am not sure about the problems with Manny fighting Mayweather. Mayweather requested a blood test and Manny refused. Who is to blame?

      I am proud of what a great fighter Manny is and he defended his title well. I do not know if Clottey was in to fight and was overwhelmed or if his protected himself and went into the ring just for the money.

      I hope there will be a Pacquiao VS Mayweather fight. I also wonder if Manny will try another weight class. I think he can handle the extra weight but will be matched with taller fighters with longer reaches.

      What ever, I hope we get to see more fights and Manny does not just retire.

  5. Kenneth Crawley says:

    The fighting commission has guidelines and procedures to check blood for drugs already. It was really unusual for a fighter to use that as an excuse to get out of a fight.
    The proper procedure if the required test is not enough, would be to get the boxing commission to change the tests that are already in place.
    Because no other boxers ask for this additional test and it seems adequate to other boxers and the boxing commission, I feel that Mayweather was using this request to avoid being in the ring with Pacquiao.
    Pacquiao feeling insulted by this ‘extra’ test which makes him appear to be a ‘druggy’, simply stood by the boxing commission rules and said No.

  6. SteveinDavao says:

    Go Pacman!

  7. BILLY ESCOBAR says:

    When it comes to boxing and putting your life on the line even the smallest details count. Manny has taken blood test before. The day before the Morales fight in which he lost. He believes it was one of the reasons he lost the fight because he felt a bit drained. Ever since that fight he’s been wary of any testing invovling blood so it became a mental issue during training.
    Pacquaio has agreed to Blood testing before the press confenrences would have kicked off, and negotiations moved him up to 24 days before the fight then immediatly after the fight blood would be drawn. Mayweather wants unlimited random testing which can happen anytime but eventually conceded to 14 days before their fight would have taken place. By then is it was too little too late.
    Also I don’t believe Mayweather himself is afraid to fight anyone but His uncle and Father are the ones to start the rumors of drugs being involved. This conclusion was birthed fromt he fact that both Floyd’s uncle and father have been embarrasingly proven wrong on the last few pacquaio fights. so instead of being humbled and accepting that Pac is a great fighter they have opted to slander him.
    Now I find Manny having great courage in not letting Mayweather take control of negotiations. I respect Both men as fighters but truthfully it looks bad on boxing in General. I believe Pacquaio refused taking the test on principle and because of his past history of the being affected by the blood test for a Major fight. Manny is the type that will fight those who want to. Floyd is mostly business and the events have lead him to a dangerous road called Sugar Shane Mosely.

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