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Meeting Evelyn, an OFW Follower

If your a reader here and read the comments, you will see comments from Evelyn.

Evelyn is from GenSan, General Santos City, but has been working as a Caregiver in Garden Grove, California for the past 8 years.

Not too long ago she let me know she was comming back to the Philippines to visit her family and wanted to come to Davao to meet me and Elena.

Thursday afternoon I received a call that Evelyn was in Davao.

Unfortunately Elena was not feeling well, so I met Evelyn, her good friend Glynda and her Daughter-in-Law Elke at Basti’s Brew coffee shop at Victoria Mall.

We sat for about an hour over cups of cappuccinos and talked about her life in California, GenSan, her family and her visit.We also talked about the upcoming Boxing match with Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, who is from GenSan.

We also talked about her wish for Elena and I visiting her in GenSan and her showing us arround her city and hopefully a tour of the Tuna processing area. GenSan is the Tuna capital of the Philippines.

Since it is about a 3 hour drive back to GenSan, Evelyn had to leave so the 4 of us walked out to say goodbye. As I was sitting in my car texting ELena that I was comming home, Evelyn came to the car to give me 2 packages of mini Baby Ruth bars as a gift, which Elena loved when she tasted her first.

This was wonderful meeting a reader who is not a local resident and we were comfortable as if we were friends for a while.

I look forward to visiting Evelyn in General Santos City and seeing her city and a new place for me to see.

Thank you again Evelyn for meeting with me, reading my site and the chocolates.

Evelyn has started a blog now too and you can visit Fern’s Thoughts at

8 Responses to “Meeting Evelyn, an OFW Follower”

  1. laagan says:

    so you would be happy with baby ruths? hehehe
    I have not decided yet but if I finalize my homecoming I will land in Davao via Singapore Airlines sometime this year.
    See you then.

    • Bruce says:

      I was joking about a gift. It is nice though how Filipinos bring gifts. I hope you do come visit Davao and we can meet. Where are you living/located currently?

  2. So nice to meet friends from the net like that. Gensan is a laid back and nice place. I like the people there a lot. I have been there twice now. January 2008 and December 2008. I am just a bit careful when I am going around there cause there are explosions sometimes. But I am not scared of such things. About Pacman: I saw posters all over the town with him and I can understand and relate to how proud the locals are because of him. The town I was born and lived for 31 years in we have a lot of hockey players who made it in NHL(US), the biggest hockey league in the world. The most famous guy of them all is Peter Forsberg who lived near us and was in my sisters class. It was(still is) like the whole city lived up cause of his fame, even the whole country!

    • Bruce says:

      As I have found and probably you too, most Filipinos are very friendly and hospitable.
      It is interesting how some locations are know for “So-in-so was born here”

  3. Well, I think my city is really something special, when it comes to the sport of icehockey:-) Have a look at this. For a town of 55 000, people are coming from all over the world to try and find the secret.
    “A Swedish economist calculated that, statistically, to produce that many N.H.L. players, Ornskoldsvik should have had about 12 million inhabitants”

    • Bruce says:

      I used to watch hockey and was a big fan of the N.Y. Islanders. A bar, near my house, that I used to go to would get some of the players after a game and when I was in California my mom told me about all the cars driving through the streets honking the night the Islanders won the Stanley Cup.

  4. Wow, that sounds cool. I could talk a lot more about this subject, but I dont want to spoil your blog 🙂

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