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More about Homosexuality in the Philippines

I have received many comments and emails questions about percentages and demographics of homosexuality in the Philippines.

I wrote an article a little while back about all the gays I notice all the time out about town.

There are also many “Ladyboys” who dress and present themselves as women. Some of these “ladyboys” are quite pretty and at times it is not that obvious they are not a woman.

About the percentage, I do not think any country or region in the world would have more or less homosexuals unless they all move to that location. As for instance, Province Town in Cape Cod, Massachusetts has a large gay community, but I would guess they were not all born there. As in Fire Island in New York, Key West in Florida, Belmont Shore in Southern California and Castro district in San Francisco.

The thing here in the Philippines, Filipinos are in general very accepting of people. They are not as “hung” up about appearances as in other countries.

In America, especially in the military there is the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” attitudes.

Here it is just accepted. I  have talked to some gay people and they are not ashamed to talk about their sexual preferences, lifestyle or friends. Just the same with “straight” people, they see gays as just someone who lifes or likes are different than others.

Because of this, I really do not think percentages are any different, just with the openess you see more around. Also with this acceptance, you see more cross dressing than you will see in other countries. For males, you see with the long hair, makeup and female style of clothes.

For a country that is looked at as “3rd World” the attitudes and acceptance of people is something the more developed countries should learn from. As the old saying “Can’t we all just get along?”

Of course everywhere, for what ever the reason will continue to hide their sexual preferences. Maybe business or professional reasons, family pressures or just not comfortable with themselves to be true to themselves. They will marry and have kids and maybe only “come out” in private and secret locations.

A radio Psycologist was once asked if Homosexuality was hereditary. Her answer was, if they are true homosexuals we would never know because a homosexual will not reproduce. There is some research that shows in a large family, there might be more than one child that is gay. Just as I learned recently a child will not be left handed if both parents are right handed.

What ever the research, the attitudes, the feelings, being true to ones self and living a life that they feel they were born to live without prejudice is something I hope will come to be. But I doubt it ever will with people needing to be superior and putting down others to make them feel better.

29 Responses to “More about Homosexuality in the Philippines”

  1. Very well written Bruce. I really like the “Filipino acceptance attitude”. The thais seem to be very tolerant to this also.

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you. Yes, even though they see us as foreigners, most, as you know, are very friendly to us. And to their own kind, they accept most ways and lifestyles.

  2. Billy Escobar says:

    I too was shocked at how openly gays exploited themselves in the Philippines when I last went. Homosexuality is becoming a much larger issue throughout the world as the “marriage” issue is brought up and being legalized.
    I guess I was more shocked at the flamboyance and stereotypical qualities that gays in the Philippines often exhibited. It seemed they craved attention from the public. I also observed that a lot of the shows whether it be drama or a game show had at least one gay man, drag or transvestite in them. To me it seemed like they were more of a joke than making a statement about having equal rights.
    I have my opinion on the subject matter but it is not for me to judge so no need to state it.

    • Bruce says:

      I agree gays are more flamboyant about their sexuality, but, being open I feel is better than a represses society.
      At least here they are free to express themselves.

  3. Ken Harmes says:

    Hi Bruce.Quote from your post.’Just as I learned recently a child will not be left handed if both parents are right handed.’

    My brother and his wife are both right handed.Their eldest son is left handed! Where did you learn recently or am I putting the wrong interpretation on it,tongue in cheek so to speak? Best wishes. Ken.

  4. macky says:

    Hi Bruce,

    i’m a lefty with a family of right handeds. i also have southpaw cousins in similar background.

    i recently watched a 60 minutes vid on the net about identical twins, one straight and the other gay. I think the evidence is quite clear that nature plays a major role in determining sexuality and I find the ongoing research quite fascinating. There are even scientific studies that show a correlation to ring finger lengths or having multiple older brothers. Still early, but fascinating nonetheless.

    Yet, you are right that it is wonderful when a society becomes accepting of a person’s right to live (and in my opinion, someday, marry) as they choose.

    The Philippines are generally accepting of such lifestyles, and as a Filipino I find some pride in that. Though i must add that there is still an underbelly of prejudice. Mostly stemming from that macho Catholic/Hispanic subculture. Even today, the Filipino word for “gay” in both tagalog & bisaya (“Bakla” and “Bayot”) is universally accepted as a derogatory word that also denotes cowardice or being weak.

    • Bruce says:

      I do not understand the reasons, but I feel homosexuality is biological. Maybe psychological from life experiences or situations, but then I think if is not gay but a defense mechanist ie. Uncle abused me as a child, so I must be gay now.

      With men needing to be macho and females needing to be feminine there will be fears of gays and fear makes attitudes and prejudices. Over time attitudes generally have relaxed. Who knows what it will be like in the next 1000 years.

  5. steve baker says:

    As you have said and as I wrote earlier, no harm-no foul. I am in no way injured by their choice to be gay. But, now you speak of homosexuals being born homosexuals. Not true at all. Although many people are born as feminate men or boyish women, homosexuality is a desicion. We were created in Gods image and He is not gay.
    I don’t argue the right to make the choice, just the opposite, They can choose any life style they wish to live. God gives freedom of choice and the they will have ro reconcile that with Him on judement day, not with any of us here. I pray for healing for them, but I’ll not condem or condon. Just love them as people and live and let live.

    • Bruce says:

      From your comment, I see you are a religious man. I will agree to let you disagree.
      I think I might do research in this subject for scientific data. In these articles I am stating my observations and opinions.

      What ever the reason, there have been homosexuals on this earth and there will continue to be homosexuals for the rest of time.

      What ever the reason, as long as peoples sexual preferences are accepted and respected in all ways, this will be a better world. I do dislike straights condemning, harassing or hurting or forcing change with homosexuals just as I dislike homosexuals trying to force their lifestyle on straights.

      I am the same with religion, politics and other things. As long as nobody is being hurt, let people live as they chose.

  6. steve baker says:

    Then you are a good man. I hope I am fair and giving in my lifetime. I try to respect everyone.

  7. Good article on the subject Bruce. I am with you, Bruce, I do not judge people of their sexual preferences. I have a lot of homosexual friends as well as heterosexual friends. I have also Bisexual friends and to me they are the most blessed, they can do it both ways! Comments anyone?

    • Bruce says:

      I feel bisexuals are gay that are not willing to accept it, but it is their life.
      One of the old sayings I am using here more often is “until you walk a mile in their shoes”….

      • Billy Escobar says:

        Just to air some opinions and thoughts…

        To me bisexuals sort of prove that this more of a choice than lifestyle. I have acquaintances that live this lifestyle and I feel its very selfish of them. To play both sides and then to play them against eachother for your own benefit.
        If you do consider it a biological thing then do you classify it as a hereditary disease? I mean to be gay has no benefits besides maybe temporary sexual satisfaction for that particular individual. Like you said, why would anyone want to be gay but then why would anyone want to be a crack baby. Both can happen and then both are passed down from their parents. Maybe its a harsh comparison and I don’t mean to offend but its someting that has to be dialogued.
        In a religious aspect I don’t hold homesexuality as a greater sin than say aldultery or any other of the seven vices. I do feel that gays are increasingly becoming more of the scapegoat by the Church. When in fact the Church ahem Catholic and yes even Muslim organizations had covered up “priests or imams” who have abused their power with homesexual acts. Bottom line we all come into this world marked as a sinner and you can always go back to ‘let he without sin cast the first stone’.

        • Bruce says:


          Thank you for your opinion, this is something I enjoy. Different readers in a dialog sharing opinions, in agreement or disagreement.
          I feel bisexuals are homosexual but trying to live in a heterosexual life. Then they go gay to have what they really need or want.
          If homosexuals were true to their lifestyle, and it is a heredity item, then it should die out since homosexuals will not reproduce unless they use artificial insemination or switch hit for just that purpose.
          To label, condemn and throw stones, someone will get hurt. Lets just live and let live.

  8. Riza says:

    I have a lot of homosexual friends in the call centers, although I don’t really connect with them much like add them to my friendster and what-not, whenever we see each other they’re really sweet and warm and gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Actually, when I was working I kind of adopted their gayness in terms of their spoken words and attitude, but not necessarily make me a gay. They’re fun to be with and talking to them, made me realize that their place is not as glittery as it seems because of their gender preference, they are played at, made fun of, and anything mean one can do to them. I know of this lady boy when I was working as an English teacher, I’d walk past by him every night in Ortigas, and one time I stopped and asked if I could sit beside him, he was glad to have someone to talk to, he said that sometimes he felt scared being there alone waiting for a customer to drive by, but he has to work like this because his family has rejected him so much and there’s nothing he knows how to do but to prostitute himself. This opened up my eyes of “what would it be like” if my son was like one and I’d reject him too (no, my son is a straight guy LOL). After that, whenever I pass him by we exchange a few words and I tell him to take care because I have to hurry home, he’d always ask about my children and he said that he wished I was his mother, and I told him that I’d have a hard time giving birth to him because he’s a tall man. LOL!

  9. prostate says:

    i think gay are either biological, psychological and environmentally acquired. i remember when i was still studying in MSU, where almost 20% or more of the students are gay. at first when they enroll and stay in the dormitory they were real man but after few semester only they become gay.

    whatever their reasons, filipino accepts them as they are, though some parents do the opposite. some gays are attention seekers specially those who are not a real gays just pretending to be gays for whatever reasons.

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks for visiting.
      For what ever the reason, they are more accepted here. I still do not know why a straight person would act gay with many anti-gay in the world.

  10. don m. says:

    I sure picked up on a lot of strange feeling from all the above blogs to you on this subjuct. Let people be the way they are and enjoy their life. There is no right or wrong way to be but true to ones self. The views of others on my life style or others is not worth the spit of their mind. Judge each of us on the way we treat each other and not the way we look or act. This is why I have so much love for the people of the Philippines. Good subjuct Bruce it shows the true mind set of the people who write to you.

    • Bruce says:

      I agree, live and let live. We will not change the people, so lets just accept them. If we could do that everywhere maybe there would be less wars.
      Since we are talking about homosexuality. If the armies were gay, in a war they would just “bitch slap” each other and no blood shed.

  11. Rob says:

    I just read this the other day.

    I don’t understand it because the Philippines seems the most accepting place for homos that I have ever seen.

    • Bruce says:

      I read the link. All I can think of was the man was abused by someone in power, politically or rich businessman and was told if he told, he would be killed. I do not know why else the US would give asylum.

  12. Jeff says:

    Just ran across your blog, very interesting & informative. I was wondering if the western expat community in the Phils would be accepting of a gay expat member socializing with them or if it would be too difficult for most of the expats there to accept? Granted I understand this is a general question about a diverse group of guys, but I am assuming that they are generally older & possibly with career military backgrounds, or missionary, that may be a bit more socially conservative about this, or perhaps not. Have you had, or heard of any experiences about this?

    I am about your age & am also considering a move in the future possibly to the PI to slow down from the rat race, but I don’t know if it is a good idea yet.
    Thanks for the informative site.

    • Bruce says:

      The same as everywhere, so do not like gays and some are accepting. There is on English man here who is openly gay. He is liked and accepted by me and many other Westerners. I enjoy seeing him and consider him my friend.

  13. Per says:

    A few comments, if I may.

    I have found that is _seems_ to be a higher percentage Lady-boys in SE-Asia. My thought is that _maybe_ it has to do with estrogen hormones given to chickens and chicken being a very popular food. Maybe I am completely wrong.

    Science has finally shown that homosexuality has to do with the hormone the fetus is showered with at the last stages of pregnancy. (This also has to do with the estrogen enhanced chickens mentioned above).

    But it can simply have to do with cultural acceptance. I dont know.

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