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More Cleaning and Trashing

Well, here is another week. Last weekend my realtor had an open house and there were 5 people looking. So far no body has called to make an offer.

In the mean time, I am continuing to go through things, dividing into 3 groups. There is the things to be packed and shipped or to bring with me, things I will need if a job offer comes that I will accept and last things to give/throw away.

My realtor told me, if I want, I can move and he will send me the papers to sign, notarize and send back when the place sells. He wants me to leave the furniture until the place sells since it shows better. He has offered to be my agent selling my stuff and clearing the house. I will see how things go, but I might do it at the end of November.

My mother is getting used to the idea of me leaving, but still makes comments like, “what if Elena’s visa is approved” or ” maybe you will get a job offer.” Yes those things might happen, but without a job here, how would I support Elena, and I have been looking and do not see much of any jobs in my profession.

Today I patched and painted the closet where the air con forced air unit is located. When it was replaced, there was left water stained walls. I never thought anything about it since the only time the closet is opened is to change the filter.

If I do get a job, it will be tough to get on a decent schedule. Now I sleep 8 to 9 hours and do not get out of bed until around 7:30 in the morning. In the past, I was driving to the office at that time.

Tomorrow I am having the carpet cleaners in to make things look cleaner and prettier. I hope it empresses someone to buy my house and let me go.

Well, more of my moving saga to come.

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