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Murphy’s Law Strikes Again

Well, as I have been talking about, I am trying to sell my home and get ready to move to Davao. Thursday morning I had a carpet cleaning company come to remove all the stains and nicotine from my carpets. I was a smoke for over 40 years, but have stopped since last February.
While the man was working on the living room carpet, he asked if I wanted the sofa moved and cleaned under it. I said “sure” and the helpful guy I am, I reached over to the back of the sofa and attempted to pull it from the wall.

Here comes Murphy…
About 28 years ago, I fractured my back and now have some arthritis on the damaged vertebra. The movement pulling the sofa caused me to tweak my back and send it into spasm. I went to the doctor the next day and he gave me a prescription for muscle relaxers and pain pills, but I am still moving around like a 90 year old man.
So, all my packing and trashing is put on hold for a few days until I am feeling better and can walk erect.

For those who do not know the expression “Murphy’s Law” it is something like this. “What ever can go wrong, will go wrong” (click on the link above for a better explanation)

And my life has been a good example of “Murphy’s Law” but it has taught me to just look through it and find ways to endure.

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