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My Birthday at Marco Polo Hotel, Davao

A few months ago, Elena my wife took the years membership of their “Privilege Card” at the Marco Polo Hotel here in Davao. With it came one complementary night in the hotel.

Elena decided she would take me there for my birthday. We also decided to invite a few friends to meet us there for dinner to help me celebrate.

So, on the afternoon of November 12th we packed up a few things and headed off to the Marco Polo Hotel accross from Ateneo University downtown Davao.

At our arrival I was impressed with the modern and bright lobby. Then at the registration desk the desk clerk George told us about the advantages of upgrading our room to the “Continental Club” for only 1500 Php. With the upgrade we got a better room on the top floor. It also gave us use of the Continental Club room on the 17th floor.

Elena went through the membership coupons and asked about the free cake. George unfortunately pointed out you need to order it 24 hours in advance. Elena mentioned it was for my birthday. George told us he would take care of it.
(our room was top floor second window from left after the pop out)

We then proceeded to our room. It was on the 18th floor with a beautiful view of Mt. Apo. In the room we read the advantages of the Continental Club. One of these was free tea, coffee and pastries from 3pm to 5pm. They also have complementary cocktails from 5:30 to 7:30 in the evenings and breakfast in the morning. Since we had a busy morning and did not eat any lunch we went there at 3.

It was a nicely furnished room with tables and chairs, couches and easy chairs with tables, a TV area, magazines, books and newspapers. It also had a nice view of Davao Gulf and Samal Island.

As we entered, a pretty attendant, Michele, came to greet us and walked us to the table of our choice and then went to get us cups of coffee. We went to look at the pastries and my “Sweet Tooth” jumped to attention. They had a wonderful variety of small pastries and we put a few on our plates and returned to our table.

A few moments later Michele returned with our coffee and started to chat with us. She was sweet and we got to know her better. When Elena mentioned it was my birthday and our plans to have dinner in the hotel, she asked Elena which restaurant was our choice so she could make us reservations. I told her I was going to wait until our friend arrived and we would decide together.

After we returned to our room the phone rang and when I answered someone asked to speak to Elena. They then conversed in Bisaya so I did not what was going on.

About 6pm we went back to partake in the cocktails. They had different liquors, wines and beers. I am a rye whisky drinker but that is not available anywhere in Davao, so I ordered strong citron absolute vodka with tonic and a weaker one for Elena. We then walked up to the buffet to see cheeses, fruits, sushi, sashimi and California rolls of which included a platter of tuna. There was also chicken on skewers and breads.

I have never been a fan of raw fish but decided to try, so I took a California roll and a few slices of the tuna. I also took some of the blue cheese and a slice of bread. Well after mixing some wasabi in the little plate of soy sauce and dipping in the tuna, yummy. I went back for more and must have eaten about a dozen slices.

It was now about 6:30, the time we had planned to meet our friends in the lobby, so we said goodbye to Michele, who reminded us to call her the moment we decided which restaurant we choose, and took the elevator down to the ground floor.

Once there we met up with our friends Ted and Arnie, Reg and Liz and Faher Tom. We sat and chatted for a little while and had a cocktail. After we preceded to the Café Marco.

As we entered the restaurant we saw a table set up for us 7 with a reserved sign. We all sat and then proceeded to partake in the buffet. There were many different foods including raw meat and fish items that you give to a cook to cook it how you prefer. There was Prime Rib too and a few different types of Paella. I also saw a nice desert section. And yes, my “sweet tooth” was excited seeing bread pudding, mousse and other deserts.

As I was finishing up my last plate of food and thinking of the deserts I noticed the wait staff coming with a birthday cake. They all sang me Happy Birthday and put the cake and a bottle of wine on the table.

As we were enjoying the cake, Michele came in to make sure the cake was delivered and then I found out why the call to our room. Michele and Elena were in a conspiracy to make my birthday a happy one.

After we walked our friends out and into their taxis, we retired to our room where Elena was able to enjoy her Bubble Bath. Most homes here have just showers and it was nice to fill the tub with hot/warm water and use the bath beads and bubble bath to let my loving wife relax for a while.

The next morning we returned to the Continental Club where the buffet was filled with many breakfast items for both American and Filipino tastes. We then meet Maeryl, another pretty, sweet, friendly and courteous lady to assist us. As we sat at our table, she brought us juice, then coffee and then asked if we would like eggs. She recommended the veggie omelet which was delicious. Later we fresh made waffles.

Maeryl also mentioned we could complete our checkout there instead of going to the front desk.

We then went to our room and changed to use the pool which we could see from our window. The pool area was clean and attractive with a “Horizon” lap pool. There are even Cabana Rooms avaliable near pool. We choose a lounge chair and before we could sit a pool attendant brought us towels. Elena went first and then convinced me to join her. The water was perfect. Just cool enough to be refreshing but not so cold it shocks the system. After a while we decided to return to our rooms and get ready to return home.

In the room while Elena was showering the phone rang. It was George from the front desk to tell me he was sending something up. I thought it was a receipt for any charges, but a few minutes later the door bell rang and it was a Bellboy with an envelope and a small box. It was a nice “Happy Birthday” letter from George, the desk staff and the Marco Polo Family and another birthday cake.

We did our checkout as planned on the 17th floor at the Continental Club but then went to the front desk to thank George. As we crossed the lobby, all the staff looked to me and said Happy Birthday Mr. Linder. I was amazed they all knew my name and to give me their good wishes.

I do not know about the other hotels here in Davao since I have not visited them, but with the treatment I received, I had one of the best Birthdays ever. I also am amazed the “Privilege Membership” gave us all this and we only had to pay 1500 pesos for the upgrade and nothing else.

If anyone from the Marco Polo staff sees this, Thank you for such wonderful service. Also please leave a comment so I know you saw this.

I also want to say here “Thank you Honey for giving me such a fantastic and loving Birthday”

5 Responses to “My Birthday at Marco Polo Hotel, Davao”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don says: sorry I missed your party it looka like you and your wife had a lot of fun. Hope your next one is just as much fun.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ps. my wife and I enjoy your blogs as they are very well done. I live in ore. but have been to the philippines 7 times to vist my wifes family.(don and Mercy)

  3. Bruce says:

    Don and Mercy,

    Thank you for your good wishes. I hope at some future visit we will have the opertunity to meet.
    Also Mercy, thank you for being a reader of my humble writings. I am not a journalist and just enjoy telling about my life here.
    Please tell your friends to visit here and comment when ever you like. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  4. Bob Wagner says:

    Hey Bruce – Wow, what a great birthday you had. Lucky man to be married to such a great lady. MCH is the only place I stay when in Davao, and always on the 17th floor. The staff is great, and, considering the remote location, the property is probably one of the best-managed in all of SEA.

    I’ll be there from Feb. 28th – 8th of March bringing educational equipment, food and clothing to some of our schools in Bukidnon. Perhaps you all could join us on the 17th floor for a drink and some of their great sushi.

    All the best,

    Bob Wagner

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