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My Last Day in America

Well all. This is it. The final items packed. House cleaned out and I just am waiting for tomorrow morning to go to the airport.

This morning a frined of mine wrote an article about me and my moving. He is a friend who was also a victim of the housing market as I was. When I worked at an Architectural Office he worked for the Builder/Developer that was my client.

With all the slowdown in the Housing industry, he got laid off a little after I did.
With his free time and his “Happy Attitude” of everything, he started a blog called “What’s Your Bitch” where he finds things to always complain about, but his writings are highly entertaining.
Today he wrote a nice article about my moving to the Philippines. You can read it here

I hope you read it and find enjoyments in all his writings.
Tom, I will miss your knowledge of construction and your friendship. I wish you and your family the best.

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