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My Life Las Vegas

Some comments have asked about my life in Las Vegas. I have mentioned in a past article that I moved out of the house of the people who invited me to come back and am in my own apartment. Furnishing it was a two stop shopping trip. I bought my bedroom furniture at a hotel liquidator furniture warehouse and my living room set from a furniture store.

I was also lucky to have made a friend from the new hire class who is working nights and loaned me his car to go for my initial needs when I moved in. Another wonderful place to shop is online. I bought so much from Everything arrived on time or early. The one real problem I had was handled better than I expected. I ordered a small canister vacuum. When showing it to Elena on Skype, I showed her how the power chord pulls out and when I pressed the retract button nothing happened. When I called their customer service and told the problem, I was told they would ship me a new vacuum the next day and I had 30 days to return the defective one. When I told her I could not print the return label since I did not have a printer yet, she told me she would email it to herself and mail it to me. I also mentioned one of the plates in the dinner set I ordered has a small chip, but I had lost the invoice, she looked up the order and then placed an order for a replacement plate. To me, this efficiency was something I had not seen in years.

About life here in Las Vegas, for me there is not a lot. I work long hours and if I take a day off, I do errands.  I do go out after work on Saturday nights with 2 co-workers to a Fridays in the Orleans Hotel and Casino, which is on the way home. We sit at the bar, joke with the bartender and just relax. I do not have too many margaritas to relax for health reasons. The health problem from drinking is being too relaxed and inebriated driving my little scooter.

If you have never been to Las Vegas in a long time as me, or never visited, the city has expanded. Vegas has built out to Henderson on the east, all the way south, west and north. In the past, all the activities and better dining was at the hotels on the strip or downtown and those general vicinities.  Now there is stores, restaurants and businesses for the locals to have a more normal life. It is not totally like anywhere else, gambling is most everywhere. Most of the convenience stores and gas stations have slot machines. Even supermarkets have a side room with those machines.

Since I do not have a lot of free time after work to putter around in the kitchen and cook, I either have a frozen meal or pick up something on the way. I have found some good and reasonable restaurants nearby my apartment to pick up something to eat. In Davao I had learned to eat until I am not hungry instead of eating until I am full. That is how I lost 50 lbs the first year there. With this eating style, most items I buy for dinner lasts me 2-3 meals.

Another item that first excited me and now is not a happy thought was being able to see American TV shows when broadcasted instead of the few reruns you get in the Philippines or having to download shows to watch on the computer. Well, with my hours, I am asleep when they are showed and even recording is not the answer since I have little free time to watch anything. I even miss most news broadcasts since I look at the TV too early for the normal news. I am up at 1:30-2am and leave for work at 3am, then I get home by 4 and talk to Elena until I need to get to sleep around 6-7pm.

I am hoping once Elena gets here and starts working we can adjust our schedules to have a more normal life.  I look forward and am excited to show Elena Las Vegas and American stores and places she has only heard about or seen on TV and in movies. I might be kind enough to breakdown and take her to Jollybees or Chowking here in Las Vegas for an old fashioned Filipino fast food meal.

Thanks again for all who still follow my little site.

14 Responses to “My Life Las Vegas”

  1. Jeff says:

    Glad to hear you are doing well. Do you have any time frame for when Elena will be able to come into the states? From your article sounds like she is going to work here. What will she have to do once in the states to be able to get employment? Hopefully she will join you soon and you will be able to enjoy her comfort once again. Take care.

    • Bruce says:

      I am not sure how long it will take, but I hope less time then more. Elena said she will work here, she understands there is not an age discrimination as in the Philippines All she will need is to find a job, she will get her green card and SS when she arrives.

  2. maria says:

    hi bruce
    my husband and i have stayed in the orleans. if i remember right, it has a movie theater too, we went to see a movie.
    have you met a lot of filipinos there yet?

    • Bruce says:

      The Orleans is near my apartment and I pass it every day in my way to work. Yes it has a movie theater. Most Friday or Saturdays after work, two coworkers and I go to Friday’s in the Orleans for a drink and something to eat.

      I have met many Filipinos and the ones that are taxi drivers, we talk to each other when waiting on a taxi line.

      Some doormen who load customers luggage in my taxi are Filipino and I always tell them “Salamat Po”.

  3. don m. says:

    Always good to read an update on you site. It sounds like you are an old hand at life back in the states. You can find work here at any age but not always that easy when you get into your sixties or older. We may be dependable but they always are wanting the new and younger workers. Hope only two more years to go for retirement.

    • Bruce says:

      I am falling back into American life, but still miss many things I have left behind. I agree employers will hire young before experienced older employees, but taxi driving has no age limits as long as you can drive.

  4. Caesar Erel O. Macahilig says:

    Hello Bruce,

    How are doing dear friend? I hope you are fine and everything is going well for you.


  5. Evelyn says:

    hi,bruce…i’m glad you’re doing good in Las Vegas..I hope and pray Elena gets here sooner ///
    please say hello to elena for me..

  6. Gene says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Sounds like you’re right back in the swing of things in the States. Driving a taxi must be a lot like when I was driving the city transit bus in LA years ago. Some passengers would be interesting while others seemed more like they belonged in a cage at a zoo.

    When your wife gets there and things settle down, be sure to take her to Bryce, Zion, and even the Grand Canyons that are not too far from you. Beautiful country and most impressive to someone from a tropical island.

    It’s good to hear you are doing ok there and were able to get to work.

    Take good care,


    • Bruce says:

      My life is a lot like in the past. Work many hours and the rest of the time at home. I do go out but try to stay off the strip and be more of a local.
      I do enjoy most of my customers.
      I would love to take Elena and see for myself Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon.

  7. Randy says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Do they really have a JollyBee and ChowKing in LasVegas?

    Guess we might just ahve to visit there after all….

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