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My New Experiences as a Taxi Driver

It is getting difficult to keep up with new articles about my life but I will do my best and appreciate all that keeps coming back and looking for new articles.

I am still working and doing ok. I had my 90-day review and had good comments. I amnow off probationary status. This is because I am keeping close or above the “Average.” A driver who is below 15% of the average can be fired. I am usually within 1%. I have learned the faster back roads around Las Vegas since Las Vegas Blvd, “The Strip” gets very congested, especially on weekends.

Since I enjoy talking and meeting people, I am enjoying this part of the job. I have meet people from many states in the U.S.A.  and many countries in the world. I have not met any celebrities since they are driven by limousines.

Not like most other cities, it is against the law for taxi drivers to pick up Flaggers.  Flaggers are people who stand on the curb and waves to call a taxi. This is for the protection of the Taxi Driver. All porches of hotels have video cameras so if something happens to a driver, video can be reviewed to try to identify the last customer the driver picked up. A taxi driver can receive a violation if caught stopping for a Flagger.

I recently realized I have had customers from ever continent except Antarctica. Because of this, I have decided, if I see a Penguin on the side of the road trying to flag a taxi, I will pick him up.

Another story of a more strange occurrence is one Sunday morning, driving a Geographically or “Geo” restricted cab I picked up a fare at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. This customer wanted to go to the MGM. I am allowed to drop off there but not pick up any customers.  As I turned onto the grounds of the MGM off a side road, I say a couple in their 30s wave for me to stop. I motioned for them to wait for me to drop off my fare.

After dropping off, I returned and picked them up. As they got into the car, they told me their last taxi driver kicked them out of the taxi at that location. I asked why they were kicked out. The girl told me, “He did not like me giving my friend “head.” I was shocked at first and replied “What a prude.” The guy then mentioned he had the girl show the driver her breast to offer some way to continue the ride. He then asked if I wanted to see and the girl pulled her blouse down and popped out a breast. She then said she really wanted to give the guy head.

I told them that they could go to the back seat of the van for privacy and I could drive around until they were finished but they told me just to drive them to the Hard Rock.

In some ways, Vegas has changed. In the past, It was the glamour, the shows and the gambling. Now it is the Poker Tournaments, the Night Clubs and the Pool Parties. Many of the hotels have these parties at their “European Pool” where ladies can go topless. There are big bands and lots of drinking.

This week is the Magic Convention with many fashion companies showing off their new lines. It is so big it is in two main venues, the Las Vegas Convention Center and Mandalay Bay’s Convention Center. There are some conferences as well as Miss Universe Pageant will be at Mandalay Bay too.

Wednesday, a usually quiet day, was so busy there was many times I would drop off a customer at a Hotel to see no taxis on line and was reloaded and off to another location. I had as many trips as I have on a Sunday or Monday. My tips were on the high end too. I was hoping to be able to work Thursday but there was no available taxi. I guess everyone was smart enough not to call in sick or take the day off. I hope I can get on tomorrow, Friday.

I had one nice fare on Thursday. I picked up a man from the Magic Convention at Mandalay Bay to go to the airport. Once in the car he realized he needed something from an Apple store. There was one close.  As policy, I let the meter run as he was in shopping and he thanked me for the detour and the waiting for him. When we got to the airport, he thanked me again and gave me a $10 tip for a $25 dollar ride. This was one of those special occasions that keeps you going on bad days when you remember the good times.

I also enjoy meeting someone from the Philippines or has a friend there. It gives us conversation topics. A while back, I picked up a customer to go to the airport. When I mentioned that I recently moved back to the States from the Philippines and had this website, he looked at my Taxi Driver Permit and asked me “are you the Bruce from American in Davao?” I replied “yes.” He was so excited and told me he had a girlfriend in the Philippines and reads my site all the time.

I will try to write more about my experiences and my life here besides any news of my petition to get Elena here.

Thank you all for your continued visits.

20 Responses to “My New Experiences as a Taxi Driver”

  1. Anthony says:

    Happy for you Bruce!!

  2. John in Austria says:

    Hi Bruce, I don’t “visit” – just wait for my RSS reader to pop-up that you have written something new. It’s fascinating for me reading your “Taxi Tales”. It’s something I have never done, but have heard a lot about. So it’s not the Philippines – no matter, I think a few people enjoy your commentaries. Thanks!

  3. don m. says:

    the life of the have and have nots. We just got back from a week of camping in the mountains–fish lake. Keep up the stories they are very intresting.

  4. roy says:

    What can I say Bruce? You really are a great story teller. Keep the stories coming!

  5. Rod says:

    Awesome Bruce… I like the story!
    Thanks bruce for sharing!

  6. Tom says:

    Glad things are going well for you. Hope they will continue to do so. I was hoping to make it up to Las Vegas at the beginning of September but have had some conflicts. I’ll try later in the year. Good Luck to you.

  7. Evelyn says:

    this one is rated
    glad to hear from you

  8. Tim says:

    What do you mean by 15% of the average?

    • Bruce says:

      They take the amount each driver put on the meter in a day, through out the highest and lowest then add all the others and divide by the number of amounts used to get the average for the day, week, month, etc. We must be in the top 15% to keep out job.

  9. Joe says:

    Hi, Bruce.
    I have thought about being a taxi driver for awhile, and I have just applied at Henderson Taxi.
    I am hoping to get the job as I have been unemployed for just over a year now.
    So reading your Taxi driver ‘adventurers’ has been helpful as it still seems like something I still want to do.
    I am wondering if being a taxi driver if someone can make enough money to make a living by doing it or not?
    Thanks for any information.

    • Bruce says:

      I emailed you so you would not have to wait. Yes you can make a living, depending on your needs for a lifestyle and expenses. I am doing it and not cheating by long hauling or short changing customers. I know I will make less, but my conscience will not let me cheat my customers.

  10. Julie from East Meadow says:

    Hi Bruce!

    I met you yesterday when you gave me a ride to the airport from The Mirage 🙂

    We talked about being from East Meadow and you had mentioned your blog…so I looked you up! Very interesting.

    Also….You can find a square knish at The Carnegie Deli located inside The Mirage. I meant to tell you but it slipped my mind as I was rushing to catch my plane. Stop in if you get a chance….their pastrami is awesome too. A little taste of home!

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