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My Second Birthday in the Philippines


Just like last year, and because Elena had her Marco Polo privilege card renewed, Elena again took me to a night in the Marco Polo again. Wednesday, the day before my special day, we had to stop by the hotel to confirm our reservation with the Privilege Card Dept. and the front desk. George and Jenny, who work the front desk were there and were happy we would be back again to celebrate my Birthday. George informed us he would be off on Thursday, but would see us on Friday before we left.

Another nice gesture was the owner of Boyd’s Pizza House, on a visit earlier in the week asked me to come in on my birthday so he could treat me to a Birthday free lunch. The nice thing, besides the staff singing me “Happy Birthday” was, not only was my lunch free, but so was Elena’s lunch.

view-of-samalOn our arrival to the hotel, we were able, for a small addition, to upgrade our room to their “Continental Club” room. With this, we had a better room, on the 18th Floor and were able to utilize their “Continental Club” facilities on the 17th floor. In the Clubroom, they have breakfast available, pastries from 3pm to 5pm, Cocktails and appetizers. The room is open all day to relax, have a cup of coffee, or just relax and look out at the great view of the Gulf of Davao and Samal Island.

As we were in our room for a short time, the doorbell rang. I had no idea why someone would be at our room. Upon opening the door, there was a bellman with a birthday cake and two plates. On Friday, I heard the deskman George, on his day off, remembered we would be there and called the front desk to remind them to send up a cake for me.

elean-and-bruce-in-roomAfter unpacking and relaxing in our room, we went down the Clubroom for a cup of coffee and a few delicious pastries. Then we went back to our room to relax, refresh and then get ready for dinner. About 6pm, we returned to the Club for a couple of cocktails, some tuna sashimi, and some of the other appraisers.
About 7:30pm, we went down to the lobby to meet Ed and Nori, a couple we had recently became friends with who we invited to join us for dinner. Ed handed me a wrapped present, upon later inspection held a plate of his homemade tollhouse cookies.

ed-nori-at-dinnerWe then went up to the fourth floor to the Café Marco for a delicious buffet dinner. Towards the end of dinner, I looked up to see the restaurant wait staff coming to the table with a birthday cake. After they sang Happy Birthday to me, I asked, since we already had dessert, if I could have the cake put in a box. Then I asked if I could have a second box for the other cake. We had such a good time talking, joking and getting to know each other better, we were there until 10pm. After walking out with our friends, we retired to our room for a good night’s sleep.

me-and-ladies-from-17th-flThen next morning, Elena and I went to the pool for a swim. Then we showered, dressed, and went to the Café Marco for a nice buffet breakfast. We then went returned to our room, packed, and checked out. We were able to do our checkout at the Continental Club. This gave us a chance to see the ladies that took such good care of us and were thoughtful to notify the restaurant the evening before of our reservation and to have the birthday cake for me.

We then went to the lobby and had to thank and say goodbye to George, Jenny and the other desk staff. Again, I had to listen to a round of “Happy Birthday to you.”

desk-staffI have heard good and not so good reviews of the Marco Polo Hotel, but from our experiences, the staff there are so well trained and a feeling of genuine friendliness and caring. The only person I need to thank more than the staff at the hotel is my wonderful wife Elena for giving me another wonderful and loving birthday.

19 Responses to “My Second Birthday in the Philippines”

  1. Richard Tompkins says:

    Happy Birthday

  2. Happy Birthday Bruce. Sounds like the Marco Polo is a wonderful spot. You make Davao sound like a wonderful city to visit.

  3. Carol says:

    Happy birthday Bruce!!!!! Evidently you had a great birthday. More blessings and good health to you!

  4. Ken says:

    Happy B-Day Bruce!!!!

    And many more to come………

  5. Steve A. says:

    Hey Bruce,
    I agree with you, Marco Polo is really a great place. I’ve stayed there on every trip to Davao at least one night. Have you seen the video on Youtube of the workers from Marco Polo singing Mr. Roboto? (I think thats the song??, it been a while since I saw it)very funny

  6. Evelyn says:

    happy bday to you, bruce..
    may you have many more birthdays to celebrate in the philippines…
    hi to elena…she had a very nice bday gift to you..
    sending you my flying kisses as my gift to you…LOL..
    hope you’re catching each of them…LOL

  7. Randy says:

    Happy B-Day Bruce. Last time I was in Phil we celebrated my B-day at Coco’s Bar and Grill. I really like it there.

    I have never gone inside Marco Polo yet although my wife has a friend that works there. Can’t remember her name though. She invited us a few times indicating we could get a “discount” but we just didn’t get around to it.
    Maybe next year.


  8. Randy says:

    Happy Bday Bruce.

    I have never been inside the Marco Polo yet. We have been invited a few times as my wife has a friend that works there. Perhaps next year.
    Last year while in Davao we celebrated my bday at Coco’s Bar and Grill. I realy liked it there. Actually there was a few nice restaurants around that particular area that I enjoyed.
    Anyway, my wife and I are still planning on being in Davao in Dec 2010 just over a year away. Maybe we will run into each other.


  9. Ritchie of boyd"s says:

    Hi!What’s up Bruce? How are you doing?

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