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New Options for American TV Shows in the Philippines

A while back I wrote an article “New Problems watching American TV in the Philippines
about how I downloaded TV show torrents and then watch them at my leisure. I also wrote that the main site I downloaded from Mininova was shut down from having all the torrents available. After that I found They have most of the shows I enjoy.

The problem with torrents is first finding the show you want, and then download the torrent file. From there you need to use a bittorrent program to download the actual video file. Depending on the about of “seeds” which are computers on the internet with the file you want available and the speed of your connection, the time it takes to download can at times be days.  These files can take up a large portion of your hard drive.

Many of the U.S. TV networks have their shows available to watch over the internet on your computer, but they are only available if you are in the U.S. This is because TV networks make their income from the paid advertisers and most advertisers are U.S. based.

Besides going to the networks sites, there are sites like who provide an extensive list of shows and links to the streaming site. Hulu and the others have Sniffer programs to see where the viewer is located and if not in the U.S., they will block you from watching with a nice message that the shows can only be viewed in the U.S.

The other day my brother in the States sent me a link for a new site, This site has an extensive list of TV shows with all the past episodes. When you find the show you want, just click on it and it will open a video window where you can just sit and enjoy. If your speed is a little slow, what I do is pause the playing until the download bar increases so you will not have to wait for the download to continue.

I know, some of you will say, downloading torrents lets you watch even with no internet access and if you have the download, with some software you can burn it to a disc and watch it on your TV. This is true. For me, since I do not have a HiDef TV, my computer monitor has a higher resolution than my TV sets.

Another option to hide from the Sniffers that you are in the Philippines is using a Proxy Server. That is a site where you connect to there site and from there to the internet. This server will hide your IP address so the sniffers do not know where your located. Unfortunately this is slow unless you have a paid proxy server and not a free one. If it is free, you will have ads on the screen to help pay for their free service.

I am not comparing, just giving options.  Now I am hoping I can see the Olympics either online or on TV.

15 Responses to “New Options for American TV Shows in the Philippines”

  1. alantooth says:

    i prefer to download it in torrent rather than streaming, anyway thre’s a lot of dvd’s (pirated) one available in DCLA UYANGUREN, i love watching top chef latest season (6), vampire diaries and so many others.. why don’t you try it in,

  2. Chris says:

    Actually I’m satisfied with the American Shows being shown on television here. I believe Solar TV is showing the Olympics soon with only a slight delay. They also air the NBC News with a slight delay due to time differences. Survivor is also being shown with a few days delay as is wrestling. Late night talk shows are also very up to date with a few hours delay and then a prime time telecast.

  3. Chris says:

    American Idol is also up to date. Sitcoms aren’t usually up to date but that might change. Sorry don’t know how to edit.

  4. Chris says:

    Not sure but here is the website

    It is channel 15 for me but I’m in Manila using Destiny Cable.
    Is the channel lineup different for Davao as opposed to Manila?

    Though I don’t think it is a cable channel.

    More links

  5. Garry says:

    I’d recommend BBC Iplayer for anyone wanting to view UK tv.

    Of course you’ll need to use a UK IP address for this it’s easily done.

  6. Chris says:

    Weeknights at 11pm on Solar TV / RPN. Just saw some today. Not sure about weekends or replays….

  7. Dan says:

    I am in the process of setting up Slingbox at a friend’s residence in the US. Supposedly, it will provide the entire channel line-up (in real-time)of the CATV provider from the city where he lives, The Cable Box is controlled remotely here in the Philippines. Anyone have experience with this method?

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