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Ninong (Godfather) Again

In the past I was asked twice to be Ninong (sponser or godfather) at 2 weddings for Filipino friends. One was actually for the son of Elena’s friend and the other time was for Ramil, an Electrician I had used for some work at the house and over the job became friends.

Last week, Jerry, a Construction Manager I am friends with and use for construction projects at my home and when asked to assist text me.

He has a 5 month old son, Noah, who is being Baptized this comming Wednesday. Jerry asked me if I would be primary Ninong for Noah. Of course I could not say no. Jerry and I have become friends and at times will help me with something I need done at my house and will not let me pay him, just as in the States when a friend needs some help from another friend. This has shown me we are friends and not just a Foreigner/Filipino connection.

I was also invited to the baptism and reception for my Electrician friends little girl.  Jerry and Ramil live accross from each other and I told Ramil that I will stop by to see him and his family. I later found out both babies will be baptised at the same neighborhood chapel, so I will be there for both.

I was curious why Ramil did not ask me to be Ninong for his little girl but was then informed once you are Ninong in a family, your not to be asked again for another child or family connection.

Today I have to go for some pre-baptasim seminar and then have to be at the Mass on Wednesday at 6am.

I hope I can wake so early 🙂 but at least starting early I hope we will be done before the daily heat sets in.

I will report on the festivities later this week.

8 Responses to “Ninong (Godfather) Again”

  1. Mike Peltzman says:

    Good morning Bruce. I went to the Chicago concert last night at the Central Bank Convention Hall. It was fantastic!! I was looking around for you but i did not see you there. Two of the original band members from the early 1970’s were there performing. I estimate that there were between 1500 and 2000 people in attendance. They played for almost 2 hours. The best part is that it only cost me 400 pesos for the ticket and i was sitting within 80 feet of the stage. In the USA i would have to pay a whole lot more for seats that close to the band!!!! It is hard to believe that i can walk 10 minutes from my room to see a big concert like this here in Davao City. They also said that Air Supply will be coming to Davao in October to perform. As soon as i get the exact date for Air Supply i will let you know so you can put it on your website. You have a good day.

    Your friend,


    • Bruce says:

      I was not there because you did not invite us. 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed it.
      Air Supply was here last year. I guess Davao, like Manila will get more of the old groups out of retirement to get the crowds and since Filipinos love music, this is a good country to come to do their shows.

  2. Tom Martin says:

    Bruce are you sure you are not confused and you are serving as a “Witness” to the Sacrament of Baptism” instead of being a “Godparent”?

    A Godparent in the Catholic Church needs to be Catholic. They take a vow they will teach the child the Catholic Faith in the event the parents cannot. The person must believe that there is no religion above or better than the Catholic religion and religions are definiely not equal. They must have received the Sacrament of Baptism and Confirmation. They must accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah and believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life leading to eternal life. This is all covered in Canon Law 874.1

    Canon Law 874.1.3 states they must be a confirmed Catholic and eligible to partakes of the blessed Eucharist.

    Canon Law 874.2 states they must be baptised.

    The Godparent must be a registered member of a Catholic Parish or a member of the Eastern or Greek Church.

    The Godparent must give witness to the Catholic Faith by the life they live.

    When called upon to profess the Catholic Faith on behalf of the infant, the Godparent must believe in what he or she is professing.

    Friendship should not be the determining factor in selecting a Godparent for a child since Canon Law is very specific who can and cannot be a Godparent.

    The rules are not as strict for a “Sponsor”.

    • Bruce says:

      All I know is I was asked by a friend to be Ninong for his son. I accepted. What level, connection or title does not matter to me. He is a friend, offered me the honor and I accepted.

  3. Kamrian says:

    Hi Bruce.

    In reaction the the previous post about having to be catholic yourself in order to be a godfather. I think in the west there is a distinct difference between sponsor and godfather, but I can’t be 100% sure, since I don’t count any faith as my own.

    I however am a Ninong to the child of our friends. ( dutch/filipina )
    From what I understood when I was asked if I would accept being a Ninong to the child, is that in case something happened to the parents, I and my family would look after the child.
    Also I noticed that because I was asked to be a ninong, they could not ask my wife to be a ninang, since she would automatically be in that capacity, or something along those lines.

    I think the philipino way is more loose or something when it comes to the question of who can become ninong/ninang religion wise.
    It seems to be the same as with marriage. I can marry my wife (second(church) marriage) in the philipines, as long as I have permission from the bishop here in the netherlands and in the philipines. I do not have to be baptised then. Atleast that is what the church told me.

    • Bruce says:


      As I had replied to Tom in an earlier comment, I was offered an honor from a friend. Whether I was a Godfather or a sponsor, it did not matter. My friend asked me to be a Ninong and I agreed. I do not care what the Catholic Church considers me to be.

      It is like you mention about your marriage. I would bet whether you can marry in a Church, or only a civil wedding by a Judge, the main point is to marry the lady you love.

  4. Almon says:

    Bruce, they call that “Pakisama”. I can still remember my old friends when I was still there. They will do anything for you over a bottle of Tanduay rhum. When we start our drinking session, all I have to do is bring the beer or liquour and the “pulutan” and leave the rest to them, from cooking, entertainment like a guitarist which will play for you for free for the whole night until the dishes and cleaning. All you have to do is go home safe. They will even escort you until you reach your house. But it seems the night is so long, there is always “part 2” after the drinking session and the Karaoke. I will not specify that anymore and I think you know that already..Hahahaha and I think we start drinkin and eating from 1PM until 2 AM plus the “part2”, I only spent like P2000 or $40.

    • Bruce says:

      I do not as yet have close Filipino friends and I am not much of a drinker. Plus I do not like beer or rum. The oart 2, if I am thinking what you mean I do not do. If I am out at night it is with my wife and otherwise I am home.

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