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No Fireworks

Yesterday I met Bob Martin for coffee at a Fagioli, a new coffee shop here in Lanang, Davao. It was a nice clean place and has many items to drink and eat. The deserts looked good, but since I am watching my weight all I had was some lemonaid.

As I walked in another friend of Bobs walked in too. He is known here as Blogie. Blogie is a web designer, a Japanese translator, a part time writer for the Sun Star newspaper and has many Blogs. The one I always read is In there he reviews restaurants, coffee shops and events in Davao. He has a lot of other blogs, but this is one I read mostly.

Blogie is very knowledgeable of the city and the ways of life here. He is also very nice and makes you feel comfortable right away. After a few minutes I felt as if we were good friends and have known each other for years. Elena commented the same to me afterwards.

While the two of us were having a cigarette in the smokers area, he commented about the ban of fireworks in the city. This ban has been in effect for years.

Most of the Philippines has fireworks displays for Christmas and New Years, but not in Davao City.

I commented that I thought it was to prevent fears of terrorism, but it has a more realistic reason. Every where in the world when there are a lot of people using fireworks there will be injuries. Fingers blown off, eardrums popped and lots of other injuries. Also a misdirected rocket can cause a structure fire.

With all the close proximity of housing here in Davao, I comment the Ban and the local government for continuing this tradition.

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