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Oktoberfest in Davao, Philippines

Last Saturday evening some friends and I went out to Felis Resort in Matina Applaya. Felis is a nice resort on the water. It has a pool, restaurants, rental cabins, and entertainment areas. Places to relax with a nice ocean breeze and a view of Samal Island.

The reason for this night was an Oktoberfest party. The association Friends of Mindanao has a good relationship with Bong, the owner, so we got free entrance. I was glad to see Bong again since it has been months since I saw him last.

In their main entertainment area they had tables and chairs set up with about 4 tables reserved for us.

Last year I heard they had it decorated like a German Village and had German foods. But since it did not sell real well, this year they had mainly local foods including Hungarian Sausage.

On stage there was a band, and the female singer was also director of entertainment and games.
She at one point brought up John for all of us to sing Happy Birthday to him since his 50th Birthday was the next day.

The first game was “Bring me” where she calls out an item and the first person that brings it up to her gets a prize.

The third item she asked for was a credit card. I went up with my debit card and won a deck of playing cards. Just as I got back to my table she asked for eye glasses. I raised mine and turned back and got another deck of cards. My friend Luis won next with a 1000 peso bill and won a Coke glass.

Later they had a drinking contest, first for ladies with a 12 oz coke to drink and later for men with a San Miguel beer. 2 friends, Luis and Chris tied and won glass beer mugs.
They had a modeling group there and had a most beautiful single lady contest where all 3 were one of the models.

I had met some of these models where they demonstrated at Davao Area Expat Assoc meeting.

Later a sexiest husband contest. The MC grabbed me and then brought Luis and Ted, an Australian man from our group. We had to dance to some music and then the voting was by applauding. First she pointed to Ted and all of our group clapped. Then Luis with the same result. When she pointed to me, our group gave the same applause, but then all the models started clapping and shouting. Well I won a plastic drinking mug that has water inside to freeze to keep drinks cold and a San Miguel T-shirt that was so small Elena is using it.

They also had a sexiest wife contest and other fun games. They also had some dance troops and different singers.

It was a fun night seeing a lot of friends, their wives, daughters and in-laws.
Since I am not a beer drinker I enjoyed cokes.

We stayed until about 10 when most in my car was tired and asked if we could go home.
I want to thank Ian, John and Bong for arraigning the party and for everyone there that made it an enjoyable evening

I want to thank Chris for bringing his camera and letting me use his photos.

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  2. Bruce says:

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  3. Cary Bertoncini says:


    Good stuff. I will be in Davao over Christmas this year to be with my wife…I’m hoping to bring Turkey and fixings to the family celebration – any idea where I can order and pickup a full meal like that in Davao City?


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