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Our New Home

As I mentioned in my last short post, we have moved to another house.

First let me tell you about houses in the Philippines. Houses or homes here are in many different styles and building materials. I do not want to show photos so I do not embarrass anyone who might have lived in a poorer type construction.

Houses here can be anything from a structure of woven fronds to a large masonry and modern home. There are “Nipa” style homes. Those are made from bamboo strips woven into wall panels.

There are also multi-family condos and townhouses being built in a lot of areas.

Also it is allowed to build to the property lines and all sides. The problem with that is you cannot have any windows or openings on those sides except facing the road.

The house we moved into is on the property line on the 2 sides and the rear. It does have an atrium on one side so the Master Bedroom and the dinning area has windows or French doors to get out and let fresh air in.

The house started out as a small masonry house and then a past owner added to the original house. It is now a 3 bedroom, 2 CR (bathroom) home. The Master bedroom, Master CR, the kitchen/dining room and Sala (Living room) are large. There is a second kitchen called a “dirty kitchen” which is like a prep kitchen and is also the access to the back bedroom. There is a second interior bedroom and a second CR.

The 2 CR’s, the dirty kitchen and the 2 smaller bedrooms have exhaust fans to blow out the hot air and bring in fresh air.

The Sala is at the front of the house with a door to the outside. The outside area is small and has just enough area for a small car and a flat area to put a couple of chairs.

Right now the 3 girls sleep in the rear bedroom and our nephew has the bedroom in the middle of the home.

It is comfortable but someday I would like to sell it and either buy or build something a little more modern.

4 Responses to “Our New Home”

  1. Ida says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Welcome to El Rio Vista. You are my neighbor now.Nice house and a nice place to live.I know for sure Elena is happy.Regards to both of you.

  2. mia says:

    congratulations on your move, bruce!

  3. Bruce says:

    Ida, thanks for your good wishes. Yes we are now neighbors, except you reside somewhere else most of the time. I look foward to seeing you on your next visit.

    Mia, thanks

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