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Packing and Trashing

Well, even though I have my options open in case a job opportunity comes along, I am preparing myself to move.

I have found a Balikbayan shipper. That is a shipping company that has a flat rate for volume, not weight. So, I have been packing things I want to bring instead of buying again there. Also I want things that are familiar to me. There are also mementos, photos, albums, and personal items of my past. There are other things that Elena tells me are not available there.I have been using clothes as packing materials so I will not need to go shopping for a few years at least. hahahaha

It is amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years. It is difficult to look at things and ask yourself, do I need this, want this? Plus there are a lot of things I just do not want to ship over.

I hope my home sells soon. Once it does, or I at least have a contract, I will have to decide on a move date, visit the Philippine Consulate to get my visa, order my plane tickets, then ship my things and sell or giveaway everything left to empty my home.

As much as I want to be there in Davao with Elena, all the work to leave here is overwhelming. There are times I think about just walking out on it all, jump on a plane and never look back.
This weekend my realtor has some people to look at my house. Pray with me that someone wants it.

Well, this is about all for now. I will update how things are going soon.
Please feel free to write a comment or message to me to let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Mary says:

    I just stumbled on your blog. I am looking forward to reading all your experiences. I just started on your journey at the beginning. Eventually I will get to your current post. I am currently reading any blogs out there that pertains to retiring in the Philippines. I too have plans to retire there. I still don’t know where. I am still shopping around.

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