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People you meet through this Site

Last week I wrote about a visitor to Davao. He had contacted me through this site and we meet once he arrived. His girlfriend recently started a good job and since was on probation, could not take time off. Because of this, the visitor asked if he could hang out with me. I told him I am usually free and if we hit it off, no problem. When he arrived, Elena and I met him and his girlfriend at the airport and then drove them to his hotel. We then went to dinner, which he graciously paid for our dinner.

His girlfriend had to work on Sunday, so I mentioned how we go early to the Palengke (public market) and later to the mall for the rest of the marketing. He wanted to experience life here so he was interested in joining us. We then planned for his girlfriend to come to our house after work and they could have dinner at our home.

We all got along so well it looked like it would be good being his companion and tour guide the days his girlfriend was working. Each day we would meet in the morning, go for coffee, drive around, eat lunch and just enjoy talking and getting to know each other.

On Wednesday, he came with me when I played bridge and watched or took a walk around the area to take photos. On Thursday, he came with me to the group Bisaya lessons with the expat group.

Since he contacted me before my plan to return to the U.S., he brought me a few items I needed. At times, I would buy coffee and he would buy lunch. Sometimes it was the other way. We would talk about different things and enjoyed each other’s company.

He also had the idea, when his, now, fiancé comes to America, to have her fly to Las Vegas and he will join her there. He said I could be the Best man too.

Sometimes you meet someone, there is not click, and you each try to avoid each other. Sometimes it started well but each other’s lifestyles are too different that you do not see each other often and sometimes a bond develops.

I never thought when I started this site I would have people wanting to meet me when they visit. I also never imagined my site would turn into advice to others. From this, I am glad I have met so many people on line and in person and was able to assist in any way. It makes me feel good when, in some small way, I have touched someone’s life and helped.

10 Responses to “People you meet through this Site”

  1. Greg says:

    Well, nearly 24 hours after departing Manila, I find myself in Detroit awaiting an 8pm flight home. It will be about 28 hours in total travel time by the time I get home, but as Bruce and many other expats know, travel to the Philippines certainly is not a fast proposition. In my case, however, I feel the long trip was worth every moment spent.

    Bruce, I thank you for your hospitality on those days that I would have otherwise had nothing else to do, and I wish you and Elena all the best.

    • Bruce says:

      Welcome home and I was glad we could meet and hang out to get to know each other better. I think we have become real friends now.

    • Tom says:

      Ohhh. Detroit. Did you fly Northwest? They tried to send me that way once. Glad you had a good trip to the Philippines.

      24-30 hours seems to be about the norm for travel time to the Philippines. I’ve made it many times and it’s still a killer. Hope you had a good flight.

  2. Tom Martin says:

    Bruce, I am sure your site has helped many people. I think it is perhaps the best Philippine expat site. You have always been honest and not exaggerated. You have spoke of the good and the bad. To be quite honest with you I did not know you had the ability to express yourself in writing as you have and you can be very proud of your accomplishments.

  3. Marcel says:

    I second what Tom said,

    I like you website a lot more than any other because of frankness here. Please, keep it going.

    I wish I could help out by contributing but my English sucks and mostly I don’t really have much to say.

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you for the support of my site. If you ever can put into words stories about cultural differences and how you solved the situation, I am sure we all would enjoy reading. Do not worry about your English, I have been told many times my English composition and grammar is not to great either.

  4. alantooth says:

    i think they can see themselves from you, very accomodating, fun to be with, love to hear some of your experiences and an expat with pinoy heart?….. they were plannin/started they’re life here in davao, it’s been a month i havent visited this site am very much busy workin lately, hahahaha what a pinoy life small salary with tons of workload…
    eist bruce i think i saw you a couple of times in gaisano mall, you were with some bald guy i think, we wer in chico also..

  5. matt says:

    Its pretty common I probably spend an hour a day on emails to people where they want advice on XYZ. Most of the same stuff day in day out but they want to ask you directly. When they arrive they then want to meet up to get an idea of the lay of the land.

    Generally I like helping people out to get theyre bearings after that they are normally off on theyre own coming back to you if they need and help and advice. E.g. wedding paperwork etc. Besides that just glad its another safe trip here. At the same time do get the odd crazy person and a bit surprised with the amount of people that really should have extra care.

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