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Philippine Car Wash

Here in Davao there are many roadside car wash businesses.

I went to Junbac’s Car Wash on Mamay Road just off of Diversion road. I remember a few months ago seeing it built. If it is morning they even offer a free cup of coffee.
The whole car wash is covered with seats in the waiting area. They offer a newspaper to read while waiting too.

I was surprised when I first used one. I had thought it was a bunch of people with buckets of soapy water and rags. Not so. They have air compressors, power washers and foam soap machines and a lot of personel.

When you first drive in, someone takes out your floor mats and vacuums and even beats the dust out of them. Then they vacuum the whole inside of the car and even the inside of the trunk.

Then the car is hosed down and pre-washed. With a power washer they hose the car and even in the wheel wells. They rub their hands over all they spray to feel for any missed debris. They even open the doors and with an expert practiced aim spray the areas of the door and door frame that is not accessable until opened.
After the pre-wash they cover the car with a foam wash and the car is washed again.
Every area is washed, inspected and washed again. They also use wheel black on the tires to make them look new.

The whole process takes 30 minutes or longer depending on how dirty the car is.

The first time I was there I asked if they do full detailing inside and out and if they do waxing. They said no. I mentioned so far I have only known of one place downtown and gave them a flyer I had in the car.

The other week I went back to get my car washed and even met the owner. I told him about the flyer I had given their old manager and he told me he took my advice and now do waxing too.

I do not remember their prices for waxing but for a car wash it is only 50 pesos for a small economy size car, 60 for mid size and 70 for large. They also give discounts for taxis, jeepneys and motorcabs,

7 Responses to “Philippine Car Wash”

  1. Randy C says:

    Hi Bruce – interesting article. Just another example of how much cheaper a service related product can be there. Sounds as though they do a very thorough job. How happy were you with the finished product?

  2. Bruce says:

    I was very happy. They treat your car as well as a Car freak treats his car in the states. Every area is checked and fingers touch everywhere to make sure it is clean, Next time I will get the car waxed too.

  3. albert says:

    Hello Bruce,
    Have enjoyed your blog. Noticed that your heading still says ‘planning’ to move. Guess you don’t spend time rereading your fantastic heading.


  4. Bruce says:

    Thanks for noticing and lettimg me know the heading.
    I spend time writing the articles and have not really noticed the heading.
    I will change it now. Please continue reading and commenting.

  5. Anonymous says:

    you can sure tell that labor is less expensive there. That wash that you just told about would cost fifty dollars here.

  6. Bruce says:

    Even though it is much cheaper, depending where you live in the US, $50 is high. In Florida, I would pay $30 for a wash and full detail.

  7. Dee says:

    hey bro! nice article… could u post the exact location or landmark beside it.. sure want to give it a try ^_^ thanks in advance man

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