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Photography Tool

As you have seen from my blogs, I am an amateur photographer. I have 2 point and shoot digital cameras and a Nikon SLR digital.

I have always taken many photos of a scene with different settings with the hope one or 2 would be worth printing. Now with digital digital cameras and the larger memory cards you have the ability of taken many photos and then can view them on a computer and choose which you want to keep and delete.

Looking around the net for photo software I found a very unique program, it is called Image Comparer. This software will review all your photos in a gallery or folder and then display a proof sheet with all photos that have close similarity to the others. This is easy if you just take a few photos, but what if you take hundreds. At times I set my camera to take action photos and hold the shutter release to take a long continuous stream of photos. Then I have to manually compare each to find the one or ones I like best. This program makes the reviewing so much easier. With the duplicate image finder you just browse to the folder and a few clicks later you see all the duplicates or similar photos.

With this program, I will now feel free to shot at my hearts content. Give it a try and I think you will agree with me it is a great tool.

3 Responses to “Photography Tool”

  1. Anonymous says:

    From: Ralph M – Vancouver BC

    Congradation on your purchase of your house. It time to just enjoy you live now. I am thinking of going to Baguio for about 5 months this Oct or Nov, mybe I will take a sidetrip to Davo. Bye for now..

  2. Mixxy says:

    Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog. Looking forward to reading more about your move to Davao.

  3. Bruce says:

    thanks for the comment and good wishes. I hope you will make a side trip here to visit us.

    Thank you for commenting and reading my blog. Also visit and tell your friends

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