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Photos of Kadayawan 2009

A friend of mine here in Davao went to both days of parades for this years Kadawayan and was kind enough to send me some to share with my readers. There were so many, I decided to put in a slide show for your enjoyment.

Thanks Ken, I appreciate your gift.

8 Responses to “Photos of Kadayawan 2009”

  1. Tony Hill says:

    I am 43 year old single man amrican who is considering retiring to to the Philippines. Just looking for any information that you are willing to share with me. Things like how much money it takes to live a comfortable life there. The last thing I want to do is find out in a year or so I didnt have enough. Dating and where you think is the best place to settel. What your biggest adjustment was when you moved there. Thank you Anthony

    • Bruce says:

      There are many variables to answer your question. About where your cost of living, it depends on what comforts you need, planning to locate, if you need wifi or internet, air conditioning, cable TV and such. I know of some that live real cheap for about $800 a month and some needing $2000. I have talked about many of these things on previous articles. If you give me more info about your plans, I can be more detailed.

  2. Ken Harmes says:

    Thanks Bruce,displayed better than I could have done.

    • Bruce says:

      For your photos, I found a plugin that puts the slideshow part of the site and not having to use a slideshow maker, upload it to YouTube or Google Video and then link to it. It does take a little while to load, but, “Toto, we are not in Kansas any more”
      Thanks agian, and someday if we can get the videos, I will display them too. Maybe you can be official photographer for American in Davao.

  3. Very nice Bruce and Ken. They really look great in full-screen mode! Thanks.

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