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Rain in Davao

I have now lived in Davao for almost one and a half years. I know to many, I am still considered a “newbe” here.

One of the things I have thought about recently is the rain. On visits here and the first year I noticed some days with a lot of rain and days or weeks with none at all.

Over the past few months, it has felt wetter and hotter than I remember from last year. Especially the last few weeks.

With that, I was curious about yearly rainfall averages in the different places I have lived.

I grew up in East Meadow, New York. At the age of 25 I moved to Southern California and I lived there for 18 years. From there I moved to southeast Florida near Palm Beach.

With this said I decided to look at average yearly rainfall in all these places:

East Meadow, New York         46.36″

Los Angeles, California           14.77″

Moreno Vally, California       10.67″

Boynton Beach, Florida          59.44″

Davao City, Philippines          78.74″

Also some say there is a dry season here and a rainy season, but to me, it is just a toss of a coin all year long.

28 Responses to “Rain in Davao”

  1. Ray says:

    WOW 78 inches in Davao. How does that compare to other areas in the Philippines?

  2. don m. says:

    Good thing I enjoy water!!! More than an inch of water a week is a lot of rain. I once lived in Crecent city california which gets a lot of rain–also Eureka california. It is on the cool side there and foggy a lot of the year–overcast. Good for the redwood trees but not for one sanity. It was 88 here today and sunny–very nice. I just got through mowing the grass in the front and back yeard. The garden is now about four inches out of the ground. The tomato plants are bigger than that but it will still take them about two months to start producing. The stock market took a hit today so it wiped out the gains of yesterday. My retirement just moved out another two months!!haha

    • Bruce says:

      ummm, home grown tomatoes. here the tomatoes are small and green. Well, diversify and you will get rich quicker. Do not use my advice, here I am poor and in the Philippines. haha

  3. Ken Harmes says:

    Hi Bruce,I also thought it was hotter this year than last year,same period. I have a temp. gauge outside but not in the sun and it doesn’t really show any significant change from day to day.35 C. either way, still tolerable for me who is quite used to colder weather. What does seem higher is the humidity? Would you agree with that?. Ken.

  4. don m. says:

    The tomatos in the philippines seem a sad sight but my family there seem to enjoy the ones there. They still taste good when my mother in law makes them in omlets in the morning. The eggs taste better in the pi–maybe they are fresher. I know that rice has a better taste in the pi. I havent had breakfast yet so this whole stream is making my hungry. I did go to roundtable for pizza yesterday so that should hold me for a few more hours.

    • Bruce says:

      I miss ripe tomatoes and the ones here are usually in cooked foods or in vinegar so you do not taste them.
      RoundTable pizza, that is a flash back from memory. If you like Roundtable, you will be happy here with pizza. hahaha

  5. don m. says:

    We went to a chinese place today. We both said the food was too saltly. I do like the shakeys pizza there. The shakys in Manila was more like the ones here than the one in Tacloban. I went to Greenwich(?) in Tacloban but it was not my favorite. I loved the Mango drinks in McCarthur palo but it has been leased out to a foreign company who is now going to build a world class resort. The jury is out–Im sure the price will be very high. All progress is not for the better. The market was up again today–two months closer to retirement!!haha and your free dinner. No joke there. In the low 90s here today–hotterthan normal for this time of year.

    • don m. says:

      The last time I was in Tacloban they had all you can eat pizza at greewich. They thought it was funny the amount I was eating but the manager didn’t look so happy.haha Also at Leyte Park Hotel they had an unlimited buffet at lunch time –I spent about 5000 pasos taking all the family to dinner there a few trips ago,It was a big crowd with all of us. They had to put a number of tables together for all of us.

      • Ray says:

        I have been to a few Greenwich’s and never seen all you can eat pizza. As a matter of fact I went to one Greenwich and they said no pizza sir. I asked how is that? No stock sir. Only in the Philippines. 😀

      • Bruce says:

        There are many “all you can eat” places here, but I have not seen one for pizza yet. I have tried Greenwich and do not like it. I will stick to Yellow Cab and Pizza Hut.
        There is an upper scale Italian restaurant here, Piccobellos, that has a Buy on Take one deal, but you must eat there and if you leave one slice you cannot take it with you.

  6. don m. says:

    When I went to Cebu at Pizza hut they had a buffet there just down from the marriot hotel at the sm mall. The salad bar was so so but the pizza was good.

  7. don m. says:

    It was listed in the local paper. They would only give me one or two pices at a time but they keep the supply going. Also they had a great buffet at the waterford hotel in Cebu. One of the best beffets I have ever eated at. Ps. not to many more now that I have lost fifty pounds.ha ha ha

    • Bruce says:

      In America I, like many eat until full. And if going out, we eat do not eat healthy. When I moved here I was a “tight” 38 waist and 138 pounds. After a year I an close to a 34 waist and 188 pounds. This is because we eat more healthy, lots of vegies and also I eat until not hungry.
      I have not given up pizza or desserts, I just do not eat the whole pizza or a whole cake.

  8. Alan says:

    Have lived in Cagayan De Oro area for 7 yrs now and it seems to me that the weather patterns are changing . Used to be the ” rainy season ” versus the ” dry ” was more predictable . Now it seems they are blending together to the point that i don’t see much distinction anymore . Global Warming or just a routine cycle of nature ?

    • Bruce says:

      I do not know the reason either, all I know, I am sweating more than I remember in the past and most evenings lately seeing the flashes of lightning outside.

  9. Steve Baker says:

    I once asked my father-in-law about the “seasons” in the philippines. He has worked in china and has seen the typical 4 seasons. He said the Philippines has two seasons, “Hot and Wet” and “Hot and Dry”!!! hahaha!

  10. Dan2vero says:


    I was curious about this too, and found that the more north you go or live in the Philippines, they seem to have more rainfall. I can’t remember the actual number of inches right now, but where Rose lives in Southern Leyte and the Eastern Visayas, they get a significant amount of rain each year. Luzon gets more because of the typhoons and monsoon season they get there.
    Is ok, I still know how to stay inside and when needed use a umbrella.

    Take care,
    Danny 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      Yes the further north you go, the more the effects of typhoons you get. Besides an umbrella brung rubber boots and waders in case the street and/or house floods.

  11. bingkee says:

    That’s one thing I miss about my hometown—the rain . When it rains there, it really pours. I say to my husband, “In the Philippines, our rain there is “harder”, unlike here in America.”
    In my over-10 years stay in this land, I’ve never experienced rain that really pours —really hard. When it rains, it just drizzles, or a little bit more than a drizzle. And when it rains here, people still don’t mind it at all. We, Filipinos , when it rains, we immediately run for cover or cover ourselves. 🙂

    Well, the food in America comes in bigger servings compared to our small portions there…talk about “saving” or “being economical” or “signs of the times”. I could never finish a whole serving here. The first time I ordered pizza here, I was with a friend. So I bought the large size. I never expected large means “family ” sized here. The pizza is as big as our table for two. Hehehe!

    • Bruce says:

      I do not remember where in the States you live. I lived in Southern California for years and heavy downpours are rare. Then I moved to Florida and rain can be light all day or a 20 minute downpour that flooded some areas.

      You are also right about restaurant portion sizes. It is almost a competition or who gives the largest portion. There were many times I would take home half a meal for the next day and still be full.

  12. bingkee says:

    I lived in New York City for almost 4 years, and now on my 7th year in Connecticut.

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