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Rain, Rain Everywhere

The first 4 days here since I arrived in Davao the weather was normal, sunny, hot and humid. Occasional rain showers that lasted a few minutes in the evening.

Well that has all changed last night. About 9pm last night it started to rain. Sometimes light but with long heavy downpours. It continued all day today.

The subdivision we live has been under street construction to put in coverts and drains. Because of this they have raised the level of the street and are still dirt. Well, I should say MUD. Also all traffic has been diverted to our street. So there is ruts and deep pot holes all filled with muddy water. One side of our lot is lower so it is flooded.

This morning the water went off. What is the old expression “Water, water everywhere, but none to drink? Drink, flush and wash. Finally about 4pm it came back on.

I know rain cools the air, but it also is breeding for mosquitoes, and there is an increase of the already high humidity.

I know, you can be thinking, stop complaining, you decided to move there, and you are correct. It is just so much I need time to get used to.

I also need to get used to traffic, exhaust fumes while on the main roads and the noise of the motor tricycles. (tik tik in Thailand)

I never enjoyed cold showers, but I love them here, maybe I spend a few hours under the spray.

The food is different, but I am enjoying most. I still will not give in to pressure to eat balut.

For those of you who do not know, Balut is either a chicken or duck egg, fertilized and then at some defined time they are boiled and eaten. The scariest is the 18 day verity. The gestation period for chickens are, I think, 22 days, so use your imagination what is inside the egg?

There are other things I do not want to try. There is a gray item made from minuscule fish in a salt water and vinegar. It looks like some other gray matter if you get my meaning.

Over all, I am happy I am here and enjoying the close family ties, since we have 3 nieces and one nephew living with us.

About the differences, as an expression a friend uses, “We are not in Kansas anymore” (from “Wizard of Oz”

Keep tuned to more words of wisdom from me in the future.

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