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Rainy Season in Davao

Rainy season, I have joked about a rainy season here. In my mind, a rainy season in Asia is what I had heard of monsoon seasons in other areas where there were huge amounts of rain and it would rain constantly day after day.

In the two years living here, I have seen dry hot days and then there would be a break with heavy rains. This would happen all year long. Elena told me to her, the rainy season is January and February. I remember a visit here in the end of July and seeing rain for many days and the muddy streets.

Usually here, when it does rain, it is in the evenings or late at night. There are many times I have been woken from my sleep hearing the pounding on the roof of a heavy rain downpour. By morning, the sky is clear and the only remaining sign is the wet streets and many puddles.

Well in the past week or so most days were cloudy and rainy. The good part is it really cooled the temperatures. The bad thing is when the sun did come out the humidity rose since all the moisture in or on the ground would evaporate and add to the moist normal air.

I remember having to go out and our poor helper, with a little umbrella is out by the street, waiting for a break in traffic to open the gate for me to backup the car. Then you need extra caution in traffic because many Jeepneys drive around with bald tires.

The other day it was raining pretty steady from when I woke, later I was driving around town and the rain stopped. I looked up and noticed nice blue sky with just a few wisps’ of clouds. Within ten minutes, the clouds filled back in and the downpour started again.

Sunday we were out for our weekly food shopping. Lucky for us, the rain stopped just as I picked Elena at church the rain stopped and we were able to shop at the public market without rain. We came home, unloaded, relaxed a little and off to the mall for the rest of our shopping. While there a light rain would, start and stop but when we were to come home, the rain turned back into a real heavy downpour.  Elena mentioned to watch for the flooded streets on our drive home.

I was greatly surprised, in front of Victoria mall where it usually gets flooded was clear. I just do not know if the drainage was fixed or the rain was not as heavy there.

Again, this morning, I woke up and looked at the sky and I saw clear blue skies with a little cottony wisps of clouds. About ten minutes later I looked out, the blue was gone, and the nice white clouds were turning gray, so I am looking for another day of some rain.

They say every cloud has a silver lining, when it rains here, the air cools and the dust and dirt outside and on the car gets washed away. For those who use  public transportation, these rainy days can make traveling difficult. Many taxi drivers hide because they do not want to take fares to flooded areas.

12 Responses to “Rainy Season in Davao”

  1. jan says:

    Hi Bruce,
    I agree with you. Whole year we will experience rainy days. Sometimes just a shower, and sometimes heavy downpour. At the moment it is still considered rainy season, but the Manila region didn’t have enough rain the last weeks. Government is even thinking of water distribution.
    September and October we had too much water from typhoons Ondoy en Pepeng.
    When there’s heavy rain in Manila, several areas are flooded. Manila is build in a hilly area. The lower parts are getting all the water, sewer system is not working properly because of a clogged system. The system is obstructed by garbage people have thrown in the rivers and creeks.
    People living in those lower parts are used to the flooding streets and houses. After it has dried up, they just continue if nothing happened.

  2. Joe says:

    Bruce, I can bring a big umbrella for you in April. Just think if you were in New York, all that rain would be snow ! Have a happy rainy day…. 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      I would enjoy a little cold weather and snow for a change. Besides an umbrella, can I ask for items I could use? Too bad you cannot bring a New York Pizza or some good tender steaks.

  3. passerby says:

    Rain is almost a weekly occurrence with the humidity, if you live near a highway it is most certain that it snows with dust 😛

    Regarding the taxies, not that taxies/drivers hide they just dont want to pick-up passengers that are that far from the poblacion area. So that they could maximize the 40 or 35 peso flagdown fare rule everytime they pick up and drop off a passenger just near the city center areas the probability of picking up another passenger is high does increasing their earnings.

    • Bruce says:

      That is one of the reasons, the other is they do not want to drive into flooded areas. There is supposed to be a city ordaniance here where Taxi drivers have to drive a customer where they want.

  4. rich says:

    bruce do you know of or if you come across any local weather data for mandug it would be appreciated, i plan to partition rancho on my next trip to allow me to put a net connected weather station on the clubhouse but until then ???

  5. Joe says:

    Bruce, you sure can….just let me know. I’ll be happy to bring what you want. I think the pizza sound good, so does a philly chease steak…hmmmm. Hope you have a good day.

    • Bruce says:


      The pizza and sandwich sounds good but I do not think it would survive the trip. Either by age or you eating it instead of the airline “plastic” foods.

      I will email you.

  6. Tom Martin says:

    The rains we have been having either or different than what I have experienced over the past 3 1/2 years in Davao or I am suffering from memory problems. Friends back home think I am exagerating when I tell them we frequently have rains that come down hard like when we have hurricanes back home. I to have been woking up by the heavy rains hitting the roof. I am enjoying the cooler weather and not running the air conditions, but honestly ready for some blue skys. tom

    • Bruce says:

      True the rains keep us at home and makes going out more difficult. Too bad we cannot have cooler weather and blue sky’s. Once the sun comes out, the humidity goes up too.

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