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Recollections of Restaurants

The other day as I was writing my article about Bigby’s I started thinking of places and restaurants I enjoyed in the States. I have lived in New York, different parts of California and in Florida. Also I had traveled to many places. I also enjoy good foods and different atmospheres. One of my favorite foods is Italian foods.

I enjoy the usual pasta and parmesan dishes but I also enjoy unique type dishes made in the Italian styles.

Growing up we would go to a family style Italian Restaurant Borelli’s. I remember as a smaller child, I always wanted lasagna but my mom would only let me have ravioli because she knew I could not finish a heavier meal.

In Florida there is a chain, Macaroni Grill which served more unique dishes that I enjoyed.
Since I lived in California for the longest part of my adult life, I was able to experience more restaurants from the small pizza shop to the larger and fancier restaurants. Some had a nice setting, some had great food and some had both.

I enjoy when a restaurant has a feeling of being in the country where their cuisine is based. A steak house with a western or country feel, a French restaurant with staff wearing berets and French style outfits. Italian restaurants with grapevines along trellis when you arrive, relaxing Italian or opera music. Maybe outdoor seating like you’re in a grotto.

Trattoria Acquais is my favorites is in La Jolla, San Diego, California.  A place where the atmosphere, food and total ambiance is like you’re sitting in Italy. You can dress casually and just enjoy your meal.  They have many unique items you normally would not think of seeing in an Italian restaurant. From their fish, meat and poultry dishes you know there is a chef creating such delicacies.
Whenever I was able to be in the La Jolla area, I would always plan to have my lunch or dinner there. So best fine dining in San Diego this is a place to visit.

24 Responses to “Recollections of Restaurants”

  1. macky says:

    now you tell me. 7 months after i moved OUT of san diego.

    • Bruce says:

      You lived in San Diago and never went there? I guess you spent all your time at Old Town and SeaWorld and never made it to La Jolla. hahahaha

  2. macky says:

    oh, i went to la jolla a lot. i just don’t recall stepping into this restaurant. i skipped sea world. since i lived in downtown/north park, i was mostly in the balboa park areas, the beaches & south of the border.

    but that’s ok. i still own a condo there, so, i might still take your tip if ever i return in the distant future.

    next to sf, san diego is the other US city that i feel at home.

    • Bruce says:

      Just as everywhere there are restaurants we hear of, places we vist and some we never knew of until we leave. That is life.
      I had lived in San Jose and it never felt like home. To me, most cities in Southern California except LA for me were friendlier places.

  3. BrSpiritus says:

    Best not to drive yourself crazy remembering good resto’s in the USA when we all know there’s little to compare in the Philippines hahahahaha.

    • Bruce says:

      It was just something that was on my mind and thought to write about it. Not all my posts are deep thoughts, sometimes it is just memories.
      Thanks for visiting, keep warm in Alaska.

  4. Evelyn says:

    bruce,how about Olive Garden?i just love their breadsticks..i can finish 6..can u believe that?

    • Bruce says:

      Over the years Olive Garden has improved from basic Italian Food but they are an inexpensive chain restaurant. There food is good, but nothing special in environment or food styles. The restaurant I mentioned is an upper scale type. Maybe ask your boss to take you there. hahahaha

  5. Dan2maasin says:

    Hey Bruce,

    Yeah..I love the Macaroni Grill, we dont have one close to me in West Palm Beach, that I know of, but when I was down in Broward, I think Coral Springs we ate there a few times..great food. I use to really like the Carrabas Italian Grill, but haven’t been in a while now.
    My brother use to live in Chula Vista outside of San Diego, I will have to ask him if he knows about La Jolla.
    In Vero Beach, Florida I love to eat at the Lobster Shanty, great seafood, and fresh fish that is caught locally.
    Also in Sebastian, Florida is Captain Hiram’s, great atmosphere, and great food, right on the Indian River Lagoon.

    Take care now,
    Danny 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      I loved the pollo scallopini there. Their Salmon was fantastic too. My moms boyfriend has a boat moored up that way and they visit most of the resturants you mentioned. Ever go to the Jetty across from the lighthouse?

      • Dan2maasin says:

        Yeah..if your mom’s boyfriend has a boat, and they cruise the intercoastal in this area, I am sure they have been to those restaurants for sure. Not sure what restaurant or lighthouse you are talking about? The only lighthouse I have been to here in Palm Beach County is at Jupiter Inlet State Park, and if I am not in Maryland that week, will be spending 4th of July picnic there with friends this year.

  6. Evelyn says:

    ah i know..Olive Garden is not an upscale resto then huh?..but i’ve been to Macaronni Grill,too ..I did not like the food so i did not want to come back..maybe because i am not fond of italian food or maybe i ordered the not so good food over there..i don’t know..regarding that resto in La Jolla, i’ll ask my boss to take me to San Diego yet..we have been planning a year now to go there (San Diego Zoo and the Ocean Park) but until now we haven’t done it yet..maybe someday..the other fave restos that we frequent here are the Claim Jumper,PF Chang,Marie Callender,Bubba Gump Shrimp Co,Cheesecake Factory(just once last memorial day),Tony Roma’s,and have you been to Los Alamitos Fish Co?we go there,too..upper scale resto is the Nieuport 17(i like the blackened steak here)…and have you been to Orange Hill Restaurant when you stayed here in orange county?sits on top of the hill?i celebrated my bday there last year..the ambience was awesome….and when i go to my daughter’s place in Union City,i’d see to it that i will eat at Texas oh my ..i just love the newly baked dinner roll..and when we go to Omaha,Nebraska,my boss’hometown,,we’d visit his parents’memorable restaurant called Jack and Mary’s– famous for fried chicken and corn on the cob and i have also eaten at Famous Dave’s resto in Omaha which is well known for their bbq ribs

    • Bruce says:

      Marie Calanders, mmmmm I miss their black bottom pie. I enjoyed Claim Jumper and have visited PF Chang and Cheesecake Factory in Florida. Ever eat at Charlies Chili?

      • Dan2maasin says:

        Oh yeah…I forgot about the Cheese cake factory in West Palm…ahhh soooo good.

        • Bruce says:

          The hard part at Cheesecake Factory is reading the novel they call a menu. I enjoyed that one you mentioned at City Place.

          • Dan2maasin says:

            Yeah, no kidding, I would love to be the printing company who gets the contract for making those menu’s, I have never seen so many different foods to choose from, and then there are the desserts!!

          • Bruce says:

            Yes, and the Cheesecake Factory has good food too. I loved their meatloaf.

  7. Evelyn says:

    bruce, i have not been to charlies chili?but my boss had been there he said..long time ago..he is not sure though if that is still in business..this chili is not appealing to me since i am not a hot n spicy food eater..
    ok,he searched it and it is still there in newport it’s still there..he’s reading one of the reviews and it said “great food but rude waitresses” LOL
    one of the menus there is called chili and corn bread..i love marie callender’s corn boss makes good corn bread from scratch…

    • Bruce says:

      I used to eat at the one in Huntington Beach. Besides their chili, they had great New England Clam Chowder.
      Do not be afraid of that type of chili. It is short for Chili con Carne. It is ground beef, beans in a tomato sauce. There is some spices, but most of the time not hot.
      I do love and miss hot corn bread with honey butter melted on it. Yummmmm

      • Evelyn says:

        ah ok..i make chili con carne every so often here and my boss said i made it sooo good…i made one last week and he paired it with his homemade corn bread..i ate the corn bread but not the chili con carne i made hahahaha..most of the time he eats that with just crackers on it

        • Bruce says:

          You are making me hungry with the talk of Chili and cornbread. I used to break crackers into mine too. Loved the little “oyster” crackers.

  8. Evelyn says:

    maybe that one in huntington beach is no longer in business..there is only one in the internet he found..i’ll research on that

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