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Remit2Home or Not Remit2Home… NOT! ! ! ! !

Caution using for money transfers!!!!

First I want to mention, this is not slander. Slander is making false statements or false claims about some person or business. This is all accurate and true.

My Fiancée lives in the Philippines and I live in America. I often send her money for some support, or to build up some savings for when I arrive there to live.

I have used a few of the money transfer companies available on the internet, which I will not mention except Remit2Home.

From the comments I will leave, you will have a good hint who they are. All work fine except little irritations, fight over fees and such EXCEPT

At first I had used a company that has been around for many years. They first started their business sending telegrams. I stopped using them since there fees were too high.

I then found a company that would send my fiancée an ATM debit card and all my money would be deposited into her account. The fees were less, but she would be charged a fee every month and each time she used her card. One day I get a notice that there is a problem with the state of Florida and they will not allow money send from here. I do not know if the problem was resolved yet since.

I then switched to another company. The new company worked great! I could send money from a credit card, a PayPal account or directly from my bank account. Then my fiancée could get it delivered to her home, pick up at a bank, or deposited directly into her personal bank account. I had never had any problems with them. For a hint; zoom to where “X” marks the spot is where I prefer to use.

Then Remit2Home started flooding the internet with their ads. They said their fee was less so I decided to try them out.

I signed up, and proceeded to send Elena some money. They did their test of my account sending me a small amount then taking it back. I then got a phone call from them wanting to know everything about me except maybe my blood type. One thing they did ask was the test transfer amount to prove I was the account holder. This all happened within 2 days after I signed up. Then we waited a week, nothing. Then 2 weeks, still nothing. They advertise 24/7 support. WHERE? Their phones are never answered and their Chat Live crashes or never works.

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