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Reporting Life in Davao, Philippines

When I first moved to Davao everything was new and there was a lot to see, learn and get used to.

Now that I have been here almost 16 months, I am still learning, but the learning curve has flattened a bit.

I try to find interesting to write about, but at times cannot think of things.

I will not write about politics or politicians except to report about something I heard or learned. I will not discuss my opinion since it is not my place to do so in such a public forum.

I know as a reader there are times things you would like to hear or learn about here and that is what I am here for. As a reader you can, and I hope you will ask me things you are curious about here.

As I was told today, a reader enjoys my site because I write my articles as if I am sitting in their home relating a story. That was nice to hear.

So please, let me know things you would like me write, report or discuss.

17 Responses to “Reporting Life in Davao, Philippines”

  1. Mike Peltzman says:

    Hello Bruce. This is Mike Peltzman. I really enjoy reading your website and i enjoyed meeting you and your wife earlier today. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks for enjoying my site. I hope you will continue to enjoy it.
      Elena and I enjoyed meeting with you too and look forward to getting to know each other better.

  2. Janice says:

    Hi!!! Just wondering — have you tried Davao’s Durian? One of my agents recently went there with her husband and I pestered them to buy tons of Durian for me (lol). Davao, surprisingly, has the most variety of Durian. I don’t eat Durian — but I like bringing them home for my family (My Dad, Mom and Bro LOVES them!). You can never see me around when theyre eating one (lol).

    So… I was just wondering if you had tried them and which variety you would recommend for all the Durian fanatics out there? 🙂

  3. hi bruce!

    i visit your page today…im happy to see our pix!!
    im glad to have a wonderful american friend who wrote many things about filipino culture.

    im looking forward of seeing you and your wife elena here in general santos city ….will it be next week? hmmmmnnnn….evelyn and i will tour you to “beautiful gensan”

    nice meeting you!!!


  4. Steve Baker says:

    Hello, I’m looking to retire in Davao. Wife from there and we have 4 year old daugther. How difficult is medical care and military tri-care/Champus to obtain? We built parents home so easy living at first, will want to built own home eventally. How long did it take to adjust to water there. Had pretty rotten tummy-ache last time. Life is good! Steve and Annie Baker in Ohio

    • Bruce says:

      I will email you a contact of a friend that knows about VA benefits.
      About the water, Davao has very good water and I have no trouble drinking it. At home we get bottled water with a water cooler stand. Feel free to ask me any questions or assistance I can give when your ready to make your move here.

  5. Alan says:

    Actually Bruce i can think of a number of topics i would like to get info about in regards to Davao City as a future move is a possibility for my family .

    Some things the tourism sites just don’t talk about and i find locals to be the best source . I often read the weather has no distinct rainy season – dry season . Would you agree with that . Is flooding a general problem there as it is here . Is water [pressure fairly consistent throughout the city ?

    How hard is it to locate some foreign foodstuffs as i still like American sometimes ? 🙂 Any opinion on rental of 2 – 3 bedroom house cost wise ?

    And the list goes on . 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      They say June through February is the rainy season but I have seen you get rain all times of the year. There are areas that flood, but the city is trying to fix that.
      You see some things from Us and some not. I am not sure what your looking for. Also you will see things for months and then they be out of stock for a while.
      House rents vry by location and style. I recommend visiting Leah Walker is good to know and works with foreigners to protect their interests. If not it is a hit and miss unless you know someone who knows of a house.

  6. Alan says:

    Ok Bruce thanks for that . At this point i am just trying to gather as much info as possible before a visit . In fact posted an article this am on my blog to that effect but my traffic is light so i am really looking for contacts .

    • Bruce says:

      I am glad you enjoy my site. I have visited yours and just read your recent article. I thank you for putting my site in your links and have added you to mine.

  7. Mike Peltzman says:

    Hello Alan. When you come to Davao City you can get a lot of excellent information at the Philippine Department of Tourism Office located on the 5th floor of the Landco Building on J.P. Laurel Avenue near Victoria Plaza Shopping Mall. I have been there several times and have been given valuable/useful information each time. Two years ago they gave me a small book that is titled “Davao Stationer.” It is about 200 pages of information about hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, banks, hospitals, etc. for Davao and the surrounding provinces. I found this book really helpful. To answer your other question Alan, you can find many American foods in the major grocery stores at the larger malls here in Davao, but expect to pay the same or higher price than in the U.S. grocery stores. For example Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Sachets cost twice as much money to buy here in Davao than in the grocery store in the U.S. Hope that helped answer your questions.

  8. Dale B says:

    where is a good place to live in Davao my wife lived in a small town in Davao Sto Tomes we planing on coming back and purchasing a home in Davao Any help would be appreciatied

    • Bruce says:


      This is a difficult question since I do not know how much you have to spend and what you need for a location. Gated Sub division or just a decent area. Do you need to be close to downtown and a mall or not.

  9. STEPHEN CROOK says:


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