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Robinsons CyberGate Opens

Sunday morning Elena and I decided to drive to Lanang and see the new mall Robinsons Cybergate. Robinsons is one of the leading property developers in the Philippines, opened its newest project in Davao on Friday. The first floor and the area about the restaurants is for shopping and the second floor above the market is for businesses and I think gearing up for the IT industry, such the name CyberGate.

The first thing we noticed was the lack of parking. We were lucky someone was pulling out along the curb and the guards said it was ok. I tried to count and figured there are only about 80 parking spaces available even though they report 100.

Along the outside there were some little restaurants with some outdoor seating. There is a wide sidewalk with outdoor tables which gives an inviting look for stopping to eat and relax as you watch the world go by. There is Bangkok Wok, Rai Rai Ken, Mang Inasal, a coffee shop Tata Benito’s A Whole Latte Love. Soon to open is a Dunkin Donuts.

We first decided to go inside to see the market and then stop for lunch. As you enter you see a HandyMan Hardware store which is owned by Robinsons and the Market straight ahead.

There is also a small Food stand where you can buy something to eat with high standing tables.cybergate

As we entered the market I was first struck with the bright lighting and a nice produce area. There were many items available we do not normally see at Gaisano’s market. I even saw grapefruits, even if they were as small as an orange.

Past the produce area was an area selling fish. Along the rear wall was the meat and poultry area. The regular shelves and isles were small and narrower than most markets and with the market being about half the size or less than the other markets in town, there are not large quantities or even varieties we are used to seeing. One thing I look for is the area of ground decaffeinated coffee. There were no cans of coffee to be found at all.

I know it is the first few days of opening and the store will eventually find its own personality so I will not make any judgments. All I can say is right now it is so clean and new. At the registers the lines were slow but I understand the staff is still in training mode.

I know we will go again, especially since I would like to try the food at Bangkok Wok for something different and see how the marketing has developed. It will not be our main place to shop since it is farther than our usual shopping.

The nice thing is to see more places to shop so people in the Lanang area do not have to go so far when groceries are needed. In the future there are 2 more malls to be built, AyalaCenter in Bajada which is planned to be a business and commerce center and SM City North Davao where the old Lanang Country Club was located.

27 Responses to “Robinsons CyberGate Opens”

  1. Ray says:

    They say the Philippines is poor but they keep building malls. It just amazes me.

    • Mike Peltzman says:

      Bruce, I am planning on going there tomorrow so hopefully we can compare notes on the place. I hope the grocery store and hardware store are similar to the ones they have in Cagayan do Oro. Nothing like a little competition here in Davao between SM, Gaisano, NCCC and Robinson’s.

    • Bruce says:

      The big corporations are smart. The malls here are always crowded and the only markets except the outdoor types are at the malls. The current malls are in the Bajada area and then over the river in Matina and Ecoland. The new planned malls will put shopping closer to the north part of the city.
      I expect in the future there will be malls built down south closer to Toril.

      • Mike Peltzman says:

        Bruce, what about NCCC Uyanguran Mall and Gaisano Citimall?? And there are many smaller malls on San Pedro Street that have a lot of nice things. So not all the malls are in the Bajada, Matina, and Ecoland area, just the largest malls are in those areas. I really enjoy Gaisano Citimall near the Apo View Hotel and the NCCC Uyanguren mall even though they are smaller in size.

        • Bruce says:

          I stand corrected. There are a few NCCC malls, one on Magsaysay, also known as Uyanguran and one at Antenao. Then there is the Gaisano Illustre, downtown. There is a mall, not sure if it is NCCC at Matina crossing. As writing, I was thinking of the main malls that are somewhat newer. Also as you mention there are a kind of mall around that are actually long hall type places with little shops. Today I realized Cybergate is not so much a mall as it is a “Strip Mall” type of place. No department store, just a market and hardware store inside with shops outside.

      • Ray says:

        The only malls I know in Davao is Victoria Plaza and Gaisano on JP Laurel. Not sure what area of Davao that is.

        • Bruce says:

          Victoria Mall is in Bajada and I think Gaisano Mall is still considered Bajada too. Area names change and I do not know all the boundries.

          • Mike Peltzman says:

            Bruce there is no mall at Atenio de Davao college. There is just an NCCC convenience store.

          • Bruce says:

            It is good you know everything about Davao and enjoy correcting me.

          • Mike Peltzman says:

            Bruce, NCCC has a nice department store on San Pedro Street. It is not as large as their department stores on Magsaysay or Matina Crossing. I have purchased a lot of nice things at very low prices at this store on San Pedro Street. Hopefully one day when you have time i can take you to these stores. Anyway i really enjoy your website. The information you provide is very informative. Please keep up the good work.

          • Bruce says:

            I look forward to joining you for a day of window shopping. Thank you for the high regard for my work.

  2. TED says:

    Great Blog,
    you should submit it to The Expat Directory:

  3. Mike Peltzman says:

    Gaisano Citimall is the name of the mall on Illustre Street. The department store there and at NCCC Uyanguren are both large department stores and carry as many items as any of the department stores in Davao City. The main problem with NCCC UYANGUREN is that their air conditioning system is totally inadequate so it can be somewhat uncomfortable in there at times. Both of these malls have large grocery stores.

  4. Mike Peltzman says:

    Bruce, unfortunately i don’t know everything about Davao………..thats why i am reading your website so i can learn more!!! You know about many things here that i am not familiar with and i am trying to learn as much as i can about Davao and the Philippines. Your knowledge has helped me out a lot already. You are very very intelligent. I only wish i had such a high intelligence level as you have!!!

    • Bruce says:

      I apologize, but at times you point out my mistakes or lack of information. Also at times I get a little defensive.
      I enjoy our friendship and hope it grows and continues.

  5. radj says:

    hey Bruce how are you this is radj still remember me we meet in along the road and you setting as the launch of a coffee shop locate in bajada the name of coffee shop its BLUEGREE right?
    and still remember the moment you saw my friend as well her name is Barbara and i have a 1 gay friend as well together with me his or her name its Jordan night we saw you setting in front of your laptop right in Bluegree and at that time were walking in the street and we stop walked it because that we saw you setting alone
    hope you kepp in touch with me as well once again this is radjal bahide a call center agent of six eleven teleservices : )

    • Bruce says:

      How are you. I remember meeting you and your friends. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you will continue to read my articles and tell your friends.

  6. Randy C says:

    HI bruce nice site you have I am just want to know how you learned to drive Philippines style was it hard to learn and do you need a test to drive there

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks for the compliment, I am glad you enjoy my site.
      About driving. At first it was difficult, you had to be so defensive, drive slow and watch for zig-zaging jeepney drivers. At ifrst I needed Elena to navigate places we already had been since I was watching drivers and not landmarks. Once you get used to it and retrain to drive in left to leave right lane for stopping jeepneys you will be fine.
      Americans just need to fill out forms and go through drug test. I know UK residents need the whole testing. In the past there was not driving test, just written, but I heard something that there might be a driving test now. If in Davao and going for license, I have a friend at LTO to assist.

  7. Your post is very well crafted and I have learned. I have learned from your observations and experiences.

  8. Al says:

    I feel very uncomfortable in any Robinsons mall 🙂 SM rules 😛

    • Bruce says:

      Here in Davao I prefer Gaisano Mall. It is closer and has most of our needs. SM is further away and their market is 5 to 10 pesos more expensive then the other malls. I do like the more modern SM mall and a restaurant there.

  9. rore says:

    i agree that rob cybergate is nt really amall in its truest sense, no dept. store, no boutiques, no foodcourt, no cinemas, maybe the gokongwies is planning for a super mall, the roumor is that it will be at the abreeza de ayala , it will be the anchor of the abreeza just like metro gaisano in ayala cebu and market market , wow ayala and the gokongwie combining forces against the sys of sm city and the gaisanos , actually ,malls are now part of the culture of the filipinos, it is the place where families and friends bond together, not just for shopping but eating anhd watching movies, the filipinos are not withdrawn , we want to see and be seen , , we like to flaunt what we have and the malls are perfect for flaunting our new dress, flawless skin, bulging muscles, rebonded hair, Ipods . malls will keep on rising

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