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Short Time and so Much to Do

When this is posted, it will be less than a week before I leave Davao and so much to do. I am writing this on Sunday.

When I moved here over two years ago I had shipped many of my belongings and had all my clothes packed for almost a month before I left and just kept out things for daily clothes and last minute packing of my toiletries.

This week I have to box my desktop computer and some of the things I want to bring back.  One of the reasons for the delays is visitors. For the past three weeks, readers who asked me for different levels of assistance for their visits started arriving.

Fist was a reader from California. I made reservations for his stay and picked him up at the airport on his arrival. His arrival day was Good Friday. With everything closed, besides meeting him at the airport and bringing him to his accommodations, I realized there was no place for him, his girlfriend, her sister and mother to do in the city. With this being discussed, after we went for breakfast, I brought them all to my home to hang out and to join us for dinner.

During his stay in Davao, I did not see him again except once running into him at the mall and once he called to help him straighten out a problem at his lodging. He was nice enough to bring me and Elena some items we wanted from America and since we has assisted him before his arrival, he would not take any repayment for these items.

The following week another reader arrived. I talked about this on a previous article. Since his girlfriend was employed and was unavailable during most of his daytime of stay here, we got together most days. With all this time, we developed a nice friendship.

Then last week a third reader scheduled to arrive came into town. This person had contacted me and asked to hire me for two days as his driver. During the week, we were in contact and informed me he would need me on Friday and Saturday. He also agreed for Elena to come along. On Friday morning we meet at his hotel and then Elena, the man, his girlfriend, her sister, mother and nephew piled into my car and off we went to Eden Nature Park. We joined them for lunch and then Elena and I relaxed while they toured the park and went on the zip line there.

On Saturday morning, they wanted to go to Blue Jazz Beach Resort on Samal and invited us to join them. We picked them up at the hotel and this time it was just us two couples. I drove us all to the boat for Blue Jazz and we spent the morning and early part of the afternoon on Samal. We talked about an afternoon activity but they decided they just wanted to spend time together at his hotel since he would fly home on Sunday. Besides paying me for my time and car use, he graciously paid for Elena and my cost both days.

Sunday I received a email from another reader. He had contacted me in the past and I knew he planned to move to Davao in the future, but did not know he was already here. He first was in Cebu but now is looking to live here in Davao. In his email, he asked if we could meet on Monday. With back and forth emails, we will meet for lunch.

As I started, this will be a busy week. Besides packing, I need to clear some banking and I hope I can sell my car before I leave. I do not want to leave the selling of the car to Elena.

I will try to have at least one more update before I leave Davao. If not, please bear with me. As soon as I can, I will update all on my trip, my arrival and my experiences being an Ex-expat.

12 Responses to “Short Time and so Much to Do”

  1. Robert says:

    Hi Bruce Al K. told me he knows you lol small world..It is expensive where he lives in Woodridge.Looking for a house for around 15-20,hopefully we can find something.Good luck!

    • Bruce says:

      There are houses at different qualities, locations with a range of prices. Where Al lives it is expensive, but you get a clean, secure and quiet subdivision. What ever you decide on, take your time and research, talk to neighbors and get a feel before you tire yourself to the house.

  2. roy says:

    Wow Bruce! You have a lot of things to do, practical matters & none of the sentimentality. Good luck & I hope to hear from you your new experiences.

  3. Andrew says:

    Good Luck on the move Bruce!

  4. jeff says:

    By all means keep us updated on your Vegas adventure. I know you have a million irons in the fire but hopefully all will work out for you. If and when you do go back to the Philippines to retire you will know what to expect. I just hope you don’t try to do so much for so many the next time and stretch yourself so thin. I think that was a big burden on you.

    • Bruce says:

      We will see what the future brings. I will keep this site as long as it is viable and visited. I am also thinking of doing one about life as a Vegas taxi driver. We will see.

  5. Marvin says:

    Oh mercy Bruce if you don’t get rid of that car every greedy relative and so called friends are already plotting their plan to beg to borrow it as soon as your gone and poor Elena is not going to be able to stop all of their poor sad “BS” emergencies. maybe trade it for a gun.
    Happy trip Bruce and God speed.

  6. Rick Levy says:


    Shame on me for not visiting your site more often. it’s only now that I learned that you’re leaving Davao. Best of luck in your new venture.

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