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Somalia Pirate Worries Hit Home

Most of us watch the news or read the newspapers. We hear of problems around the world and care but do not worry unless it will cause us a problem.

We worry about Swine Flu, if the World Economy problems will affect us and we watch the developments in the Middle East.

Of the world problems we watch, we do not worry since it does not affect us or our lives. Well Sunday that changed for us. One of our nephews, Peter, who is like a son to us, is a Marine Engineer. Last year he made us proud when he passed his licensing exam for 4th Engineer.

He travels around the world and most of the time his route would be from the Korea, China and Japan area to the west coast of the USA, then to the east coast and from there to Europe. And then back around.

Peter usually calls us from each port and lets us know he is fine, where he is and where his next port of call will be.

Well Sunday we received a call and he was worried. He is currently in China and the crew was informed that from there they will go to Singapore and from there to Syria. This trip will take them past Somalia to get to the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean to Syria.

Well this put a scare to all the crew including the Captain. The captain called a meeting of the entire crew and they all voted they do not want to go near Somalia and will go home if forced. The Captain will notify the Home Office of the company. Nowsomalia we are waiting news of the Companies decision.

I know this can cause a loss of job or problems but we have to wait and see.
I will keep all updated with this decision and if Peter reads this, we are all praying for him and his shipmates.

4 Responses to “Somalia Pirate Worries Hit Home”

  1. Dan2vero says:

    Hi Bruce,

    I honestly don’t blame him and the crew of that ship for there decision. The ship’s company or the various military units in that area can not guarantee there safety in those waters. I hope all turns out good for him, and the rest of the crew.
    I would think that there is some kind of union the merchant marines belong too, not sure about this, but maybe if they do run into problems, the union can help with this.
    I wish them much luck, to me, I would think that this type of run to the middle east, would be a on a volunteer basis, at least until this Somalia thing is under control.

    Take care now,
    Danny 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      I just hope the shipping company doesn’t fire everyone for breach of contract. Thay have no union, that is why they like Filipinos to run the ship. I know we think in right and wrong, but business is business.

      • Dan2vero says:

        Hey Bruce,

        Yeah, I know business is business. But where I use to live in Maryland, we had the Harry Lundeburg School of Seamenship. A school to teach the different jobs on a merchant ship. So I knew many of these merchant sailors in our town. They all belong to that union, and it was a international union I believe, not just for American merchant marines.
        But I am sure there are different shipping companies around this great world of ours, that don’t belong to I hope the best for them.

        Danny 🙂

        • Bruce says:

          I honestly do not know if my nephew belongs to a Union. I only know he is hired through an agency in Manila. The shipping company is from the UK and the ship he is currently on is registered in Hong Kong.

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