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Technorati, does it help

I have been told to add my site to Technorati. It is supposd to be a site that visitors can log into and ad a site as a favorite. It also is suppost to increase traffic and rate your site, so I am trying it.

If you have any comments about Technorati, I would like to hear. The folowwong is a code they need in a post.


<a href=”” rel=”me”>Technorati Profile</a>

12 Responses to “Technorati, does it help”

  1. Alan says:

    Not familiar with this one Bruce but let me know how you like it . I just installed a form of counter to show where your hits are coming from but hasn’t activated yet but it’s not designed to increase traffic .

    • Bruce says:

      I added the post because I needed information there for Technorati to locate the site.
      I love SiteMeter, the info you can get is good to see where traffic is coming from, where they came from, went to, and much more. I allow visitors to click on it here and see the stats. It can also be set so only you log in to see and it is just a counter on your site.

  2. Riza says:

    Like what you said, its to increase traffic, because people find you and if they are interested they click your link and visit you. So far, it hasn’t really improved any of my sites, so I discontinued it…

  3. bingkee says:

    Technorati is great. It gives an authority to your site determining how popular your blog is. That’s how blogs are ranked—Alexa rank , Google PR and Technorati Authority rank. It is based on the popularity of the keywords used. Although Google PR is used more for money-making content, Technorati is more on popularity.
    As for Riza; Technorati does not improve your site. You have to improve your site’s content based on keywords, so that Technorati can rank your site to and hence, give your site an authority rank.
    Adding the widget , “Add to Technorati Favorites” make it easier for your readers and followers to add your blog to their favorites on Technorati.
    Also they have a Technorati Authority widget. The most popular blogs have about 110,000 Technorati rank. The higher , the better.

  4. Hi Bruce, I just learned of your site from Bob Martin today. Just want to say hello. How did you install technorati gadget?.Is this available in blogspot or just in wordpress? Cheers!

    • Bruce says:

      Thank you for visiting. technorati is avaliable for all blog types. I had it first when I was on blogspot.
      You go to and sign up. Then point to the “Blog” tab and select “My Blogs” and click “Claim a new Blog”
      After you fill in all the information, they will give you some code to put into your blog. I used the post to put the code. After they accept your blog, you can remove it. Then you can get code for a “Gadget” “Widget” for your site.
      Good luck and feel free to ask me for any other assistance. Remember to add me as a favorite.

  5. Thank you, Bruce. Are you in Facebook? Take Care!

    • Bruce says:

      Yes I am on Facebook, but do not open it much. I know it is supposed to help with building a blog following, but not sure how to market with Facebook.

  6. Dave Starr says:

    Bruce. Technorati is likely worth registering any blog with (I’m not familar with havibng to insert any code snippet, though). But regarding traffic? Technorati is many tech-oriented folks … hence the name. Aside from one-time curiosity seekers you are unlikely to get and meaningful traffic. By meaningful traffic I am talking about people interested in the Philippines, Americans living in the Philippines and so on.

    Likewise with site counters that claim to boost traffic, etc.

    Traffic, in an of itself is worthless. You can hire a guy to sit in an internet cafe for a coule hours and click on your link 10,000 times for a couple dollars… aside from sever laod, what use would that be?

    Targted traffic (meaning people interested in what you are interested in) is worth alot though. If you want expat-oriented, Philippine oriented traffic your best bet is to comment on and guest post on other expat oriented blogs, put up an Expat interview and make yourself known in the Phil-Am community.

    Meaningful traffic comes from that. Or so it seems yo me.

    • Bruce says:

      I have registered to Technorati. There was a problem with the registration so I needed to add something for them to locate it.

      I agree about the traffic thing, that is why I canceled many and before I left I put an item in their forums to tell my feelings.

      The clicking is something I think someone did to try to help me, or so they thought and because of it I was banned from Adsense.

      Even though I would like to make some money from the internet, American in Davao is my baby and do not want to be a whore on it. I prefer to write my articles for all to enjoy.

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