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Television in Davao, Philippines

A little while back a reader asked me about TV in Davao. Well there are 3 real options.

Broadcast TV is you speak Tagalog. Then there is a SkyCable franchise Davao Cableworld and satellite TV provided by Dream Satellite TV.

Depending where in the Philippines you live, the Sky Cable franchise will have more or less channels available. Also like in the USA a cable company will at times add or drop a channel.

Dream Satellite has more channels but it costs more and you need a decoder box for each TV in your home.

We have subscribed to Sky Cable since I have lived here. There are all of the broadcast channels and most of the cable channels. As an American, I go to the English language channels.

Some of the known channels are CNN, BBC, ESPN, Hallmark, Discovery, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, Disney, FoxCrime. Then there are channels that purchase syndicated shows and show here. Unfortunately sometimes they are running shows that are a few years in reruns then originally broadcast in the States.

For news there is BBC and CNN which are live. In the mornings and some other times of the day I watch CNN. One thing to realize here is you do not get the full CNN package shown in America, part of the day you get CNN

At 9am we get “Good Morning America” on Velvet Channel but you need to realize when it is morning here, it is the evening before in America so the show is the day before.
For providers of syndicated shows here, there is Velvet which is like Lifetime, and LifeStyle which has a lot of FoodTV and Lifetime shows. For premium Cable there is HBO, StarMovies and Cinamax.

Some of the networks that carry a lot, if not all American shows are AXN, AXN Beyond, Maxxx, FoxCrime, RPN/CS9 and StarWorld. Hallmark also carries American Syndicated shows not usually found on the USA version of Hallmark channel.

For nostalgic TV viewers, Maxxx has original Mission Impossible, Combat, Star Trek showing now.

For Sports there is ESPN, Balls, StarSports and RPN/CS9.

Another thing here in the Philippines that is not allowed in the States is more than one broadcast company can have the same shows. For instance you can find some of the CSI series on more than one channel.

Last year I was surprised to see they broadcasted Survivor the day after it was shown in the USA. Then next season they did not.

That brings up another subject about TV here.  There are sites online that have Torrent files of TV shows, movies, music, software and E-books. Technically it is illegal since the people and/or companies that make money by supplying these items to the public are not getting paid through the licensing, they are available to be downloaded. You use one site that offers the Torrents and then a torrent downloading program to download the file.

There is a site online to see a TV guide type of listing to see what is being shown on the different Cable or Satellite system. Unfortunately the Sky Cable franchise in Davao is not listed to see their exact lineup.

Another thing to realize if your moving here, DVD’s sold in America and in different areas of the world are regional. Once here you might want to invest in a Multi-Region DVD player.

13 Responses to “Television in Davao, Philippines”

  1. ceblogger says:

    i don’t have any TV here in Manila. No cable too. Though my landlady says that the lines are available in my room should i decide a connection. I missed my favorite UEFA Champion’s Leagues matches.

  2. Ray says:

    Bruce you watch TV? I thought you were busy making millions 🙂

  3. Mike Peltzman says:

    I will 2nd your comment Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

  4. Dan2vero says:

    Good article Bruce,

    So are you telling me, that all of these dvds I have here in Florida, might not work in a dvd player there in the Philippines?? Because I have sent Rose many dvds, for her, and for Chesca like cartoons for her to watch. Also sent Rose a copy of the Wizard Of Oz, which she had never seen before, actually half the neighborhood sat and watched that movie with them, and they all loved it so much. It was like one big party over there that night.
    So I guess you are saying that the dvd’s bought there in the Philippines are coded differently? Tell me more if you know about this if you can. I won’t invest in anymore dvds and plan on bringing them over.

    Thanks so much,
    Danny 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      There are different “Regions” for DVD’s. USA and Canada is one Region, Asia another. IT is not if they will work, it is just you need a Multi Region DVD player. We bought one and have no problem.

  5. Alan says:

    Thanks for the tv info Bruce as i had been wondering what Davao had compared to CDO . Pretty similar i think . We have used both Dream and local cable but all depends on where you live in the city here as to what you can get . Would it be the same there ? On another point wondering what Internet connections are available and how reliable they are .

    • Bruce says:

      Cable and Dream has areas with service and some without. Same as internet. The main 3 is PLDT, Smart and Byantel. I use PLDT dsl. I have heard good and bad comments on the other ones.

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