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Temperatures in Davao

A while back a friend on his site Live in the Philippines, Bob mentioned that if you ask a Filipino what the temperature is, their reply will be either of 2 answers “it is hot” or “it is very hot.” Well there is one more answer if it is raining, “it is cold” and then you see a lot of people wearing jackets or sweatshirts. Even if it is in the middle of the day and the temperature is 31C (88F) degrees, the rain makes them cold.

Lately it has felt hotter than usual. I looked at a site to see monthly temperatures and see not much variance from 31 to 33. There are days when it was a little lower, but not much. The other problem is the humidity. I see as low as 77% to 94%.

Mid day it is hot but not too humid, but by around 3pm the humidity starts building. Because of this, at home fans are needed unless you can afford running the Aircon all day which we do not do. As I mentioned in an older article, the cost of electricity is higher here than in the States.

We do go to the mall often. It is nice getting out and it is cooler there. You start to notice you start recognizing faces, both foreigners and Filipinos there so I guess we are not the only ones.

I try to remember as a child, on Long Island, New York, before we had Air Conditioning but do not remember how we did it. My father did eventually install an Attic Fan to pull a breeze through all the windows, but hot is still hot. By the time I was in my teens the living room and the bedrooms has wall units.thermometer

It was not until I moved to California in 1979 did I get my first experience with Central Air Conditioning and was lucky to enjoy it until I moved here.

To watch expenses, we only use a wall unit here when we go to bed at night and turn it off once I wake.

I wonder if I will ever totally acclimate myself to the heat and humidity and be able to sleep with just a fan.

For the readers planning on moving here, this is something to think about. Over all, the benefits here outweigh the difficulties. Just be open minded and try to remember why you moved here in the first place.

19 Responses to “Temperatures in Davao”

  1. Ray says:

    Hi Bruce

    I do not live there but I have stayed in hotels with a fan only and did not die. 🙂

    I stayed a month with my now wife in her home and only had a fan but that was in December which they claim is cooler. That is the thing I worry about the most as to living there, being able to acclimate.

    How long have you been there?

    • Bruce says:

      The first time I visited Davao we had no aircon. I lived through it even if it was hard to sleep. There is many things to acclimate and get used too, like in my posts about the little critters, in the USA if we see an ant, roach or rat we call the exterminator. Here you hope they leave soon. There is the traffic, heat, exhaust fumes. We will, but I still love my aircon. hahaha

  2. Mommy R says:

    Electricity in some area cost lower. I have lived in Cagayan and in Bacolod. Electricity expenses in Cagayan is much lower compared to Bacolod.

    We have one aircon unit in Bacolod and we are paying around 2,000 plus pesos but in Cagayan that is already two aircon units. But of course, I preferred living in Bacolod because of some personal reasons. 🙂

    • Bruce says:

      Mommy R,
      I have not visited much on Mindanao, or the rest of the country. Last Christmas we were in Kidipawan and the heat and fireworks kept me up most of Chtistmas eve. I hope someday to see more, especially Cagayan and Palawan (incase John Ray reads this)

  3. zelot66 says:


    Temperature between 31C to 35C is considered normal in South East Asia. Even on a rainy day, the temperature still within the region of 30C to 32C. This is ‘chill’ by our standard. The highest so far here in Malaysia is 37C. I don’t use air conditioning in my apartment.

    Don’t worry Bruce, you balls wont get half-cooked! Hahahahha….

  4. Palawan says:

    Bruce, you have not even stepped here in Palawan..hehehee

  5. Hi! I have noticed one thing. During my last trips to SEA i have stayed more and more in AC rooms. Afterwards I feel that my acclimatisation was slower or even I didn’t acclimatise, which I usually did before after 2-3 weeks when staying in rooms with only a fan. When I am in SEA in December/January I dont even need AC at all. But I guess I am a bit special as I love the 30-35 degrees in the shade. I lived most of my live in the (much) colder northern part of Sweden, but here in the south the people seems to be able to stand the cold better than me. So they laugh at me, and say: “You are a northerner so you should be able to take the cold better than us”….hehe. Maybe I was born in the wrong place after all. I rather sweat every day, then being here in this cold dark place!

    • Bruce says:

      Growing up in New York, then Souther California and on to Florida and now Philippines, I miss seasonal changes. At first you enjoy, then you look forward to the next season.
      I might get acclimated but for now give me aircon at night and malls to relax in.

  6. janet says:

    my daughter who’s 13 says there are 3 climates in the Philippines, they are hot, hotter and hottest.

  7. Rudy says:

    Hello Bruce,

    once upon a time I spent some time in a wooden farmhouse in the hills above the southern coast of Bohol maybe 200 m high.

    There’s been no Fan but trees all around the place and it always had a nice breeze.

    I did not feel uncomfortable neither during day nor night. No big humidity at all. The view out of the window was marvellous. You would see the Bohol sea and Camiguin far away.

    Maybe the old art of building wooden houses in the right places has been an improvement compared to modern Filipino houses in the midst of the city.

    But than again thats not been during summer. And if youl’d like to visit the mall you had to go 30 min down the hill by motorcycle and 30 min by multicab to Tagbilaran.

    • Bruce says:

      Even here, up in the hills above Davao the weather is cooler and more of a breeze. Plus the cooling affect with shade trees and their cooling properties. Unfortunately I live in the “big city” and for now we prefer and need to live closer to town.
      For me, I would prefer to live in a more open and cooler place.

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