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Texas Hold-Um Update

As I mentioned a little while ago, with the Expat group and the wives we all got into learning Texas Hold-um. Metro Card Club offered a free tournament for all Expats and their wives. So we took the time to teach our wives the hand values, the rules of Texas Hold-Um and how the betting works.

One Wednesday evenings the club has a Ladies night tournament. Ladies get their initial buy in for free and the men pay only 200 pesos. Both men and ladies can buy-in for more chips, but you get them between hands, not to be used to raise a bet. You get 5000 in chips for 100 pesos. Then at the first break you can “Add-On” chips. For 100 pesos you get 7000 in chips. After that there is not more buy-ins.

So, the Wednesday before our Expat Tournament, And a way for the ladies that had not been in a Card Club or Casino Poker room, some of us went to give it a try.

You draw cards for the table and seat number. Any seats empty still have a stack of chips and they put in the Big or Little Blinds from that stack and deal cards to that position as if there is a player there. This is to keep all tables as if they are full with 10 players. After the break, these chips are removed.

Then as players lose their chips and the tables are smaller with players, the Floor Manager will start moving players to other tables to keep them even and then to reduce the tables used.

For me, that night, I did great until the first break. I had stacks of chips and never had to show my hold cards since players would fold before the end of the hand. Then as the blind increased and my chips went down because of terrible cards, I finally was out.

On Friday night, the night of the free Tournament, we all showed up about 6pm. There were about 30 Expats and wives. We were treated to a nice buffet of beef in gravy, fried chicken, green beans in a sauce and of course Rice. They also had canned soft drinks out for us. At one point, we drew tokens to see what table and seat to be assigned and off we went to the tables.

I did ok at first but because of my inexperience and bad cards, I only lasted about an hour or so. Elena lasted a little better. The Tournament was set up to pay the top 10 players. The 10th received 500 pesos and the winner received, I think, 5000 in cash and 4000 in chip certificate.

Everyone had a good time and now the wives have the gambling bug. Metro is becoming the Wednesday night place to be and last night we were there again. There were 4 tables in use with about 35 players.

I started out bad and about half way to first break I bought in for 100 pesos for 5000 in chips. After that I started doing better. At the break I got the Add-on chips for 100 pesos for 7000 in chips.

I had some real poker players at the table and a little later 2 High Rollers with their big stacks of chips.

I had some good hand and lightened their stacks quite a bit. As more dropped out and the tables were reduced, I was finally moved to a table and we were down to 2 tables and 16 players. I felt good, this being only the third time playing Casino Poker.

Well my good luck did not last too long. The blinds were up to about 4000/8000 and my hands did not hold and I was out. So I joined my wife and some of our friends, had some of the free food they put out. Last night was noodle soup with plates of onions, chives, peanuts and boiled eggs to put in the soup and sliced bread.

Unfortunately all the coffee I drank at the table to wake up, kept my eyes open for about half the night.

So all, if you’re in Davao and it is a Wednesday evening, you will probably find me at Metro Card Club with my wife and friends.

4 Responses to “Texas Hold-Um Update”

  1. johnray says:

    Bruce, I miss you yesterday!!! Don’t bet too much..hehee..anyway..I hope all is well with you and your wife!

  2. Anthony says:

    Bruce, Thanks for the reply. Wow sounds like a great group to meet with. Its exciting to know that my wife and i upon my arrival in Davao can have the opportunity to meet and greet and have such good times on the other side of the world. I am sure we will both be contributing to the winners victory share.Imagine Red Horse Chess tournaments? Ha Ha Ha

    • Bruce says:

      I am sure you will meet many nice Foreigners and Filipinos once your here.
      I will introduce you too the to Groups I belong to and we can chat on breaks at Metro.
      Chess, sounds good, Red Horse ummmm order me a coke.

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