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The Ber Season

When I was a child, the stores did not decorate or promote Christmas until after Thanksgiving (3rd Thursday of November for non Americans).

As time progressed and merchants wanted to extend the shopping season, the stores kept making it earlier. It was after Halloween when they started displaying Christmas decorations.

Now you will see Christmas displays next to the costumes and pumpkins for Holloween.

Even houses start putting up their lights and items earlier too, even though there are still a lot of traditional people who wait for Thanksgiving to climb up the ladders after checking every string of lights to make sure no bulb is out.

Here in the Philippines they start very early. Hence the “Ber Season” The Ber stands for the months ending in ber. So as of September the decorations start up and Christmas Holiday music is being heard.

Here at our house it was a little late. Elena did not put up our tree and decorations until the second week of September.

To follow with the Pinay mentality, HAPPY BER SEASON TO YOU ALL!

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