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The Curative Properties of the Philippines

In 1997 I had moved from Southern California to Florida. I had never had any skin problems, acne or any form of dermatitis.

After moving to Florida I developed different problems. A kind of acne on the scalp and upper neck, dry itchy rash behind the ears and rashes on neck and chest and dry itchy rash on the knees.

I had visited 5 Dermatologists and 3 allergists and they said it was unspecified dermititous and there was nothing to do except use creams to relieve the itching.

Well, I have been in Davao, Philippines for 3 weeks and guess what, all the problems are gone.
With less Aircon (A/C) and all the sweating from the heat and humidity with just fans to cool yourself at home, I thought I would have had more troubles.

Another change is my weight. Before I moved, my weight rose to about 236 pounds. Since I have been here, eating fresh foods and with the walking and sweating, I have lowered my weight to around 225.

There is no frozen prepared meals. Here we get fresh vegetables, fish and meats. Yes for all you know about me, I am eating fish. Also I eat rice at all meals. I have also learned to eat until I am no longer hungry, not like in America where I ate frozen meals and then snakes to eat until full.
So, for me and my health I have found that I am healthier living here.

So far I have not had any cravings for foods I cannot get here. That will probably happen at times, but I will get over that.

When I moved to California in 1979 I missed a lot of foods and ways they were prepared in New York style. Such things as hot pastrami sandwiches, New York style Pizza and other things I cannot think of at the moment.

When I moved to Florida I missed good Mexican foods, burritos fresh tortillas and more.
So, no matter if you move to a different region, a different state, or a country almost ½ way around the world there will be things you miss and new things to try and enjoy.

I have found some foods I have never had before. One is I love is when Elena makes me Mango Shakes. Most places just uses mango and ice. Elena adds some condensed milk. Ummmm so creamy and delicious.

Then there is the “Elena’s Mango Float”. Mango Float is to many the national dessert. You see it at most buffet restaurants but I have not tasted one as rich and creamy as Elena’s. She tells me there is a secret ingredient she uses, but will not even tell me. I guess she thinks I will tell online and hers will not be special anymore. Even the girls friends at school will ask Elena to make it for them.

Even fast food chains are different. At KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) gives you in there meal deal a cup of Cream of Mushroom Soup. It is one of the best mushroom soups I have tasted.

Come back for more interesting stories of the Philippines.

2 Responses to “The Curative Properties of the Philippines”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Eating healthier probably isn’t the main reason you moved, but it sounds like a nice bonus! 🙂

  2. Bruce says:

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, per my earlier posts, I moved here to be with my fiancee and to live a simple and comfortable life.
    Eating healthier, well, there is a lot of fried foods, but everything is fresh.
    Keep visiting and please comment with your thoughts.

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