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The HEAT is on!!

I know you all know the Philippines is in the tropics and Davao is much closer to the equator than Manila is. It is always hot here but lately the heat has been so much hotter.

Most days I am out somewhere and look forward to being inside somewhere where there is air conditioning. Mostly we stop by or hang out at the mall.

As a smoker, I will go outside for a cigarette and while out I enjoy watching people, the traffic and watching the Jeepney hawkers, the guys calling out to get commuters onto their jeepney.

The past few days after a little while sitting outside I find my shirt all wet from sweating.

Well tonight I checked the temperatures. Last Wednesday the temperature was 32C (89.6 F) then the temperatures climbed. Thursday it was 33C (91.4F) Friday it dropped back to 32C but Saturday, Sunday and today Monday it hit 34C (93.2F). Also the forecast for tomorrow, Tuesday is for 35C (95.0F).

The humidity has been running from 89% all the way to 100% at times.

So with all this, if you are planning to visit or move here, keep this in mind. Once you come, remember to drink plenty of water each day to keep yourself  hydrated or you will find yourself feeling weak and get headaches.

12 Responses to “The HEAT is on!!”

  1. Mike Peltzman says:

    Hi Bruce. The reason it has been so hot the last 4-5 days is because of the tropical depression in the central visayas near Cebu. From my experience here in Davao over the last 3 years i have seen that almost every time there is a tropical storm or typhoon in the visayas or Luzon island the weather here in Davao will be sunny most of the day with a nice breeze and it will not rain. Another storm is crossing the visayas tomorrow so that is why the temperature may hit 95 degrees farenheit. Sorry i can’t call you back tonight. I am at Jack’s ridge eating with Rotchell. It’s really nice up here tonight. I am using their internet connection and looking at Davao City below me. It’s really beautiful up here. Only in the Philippines. I sure like it here.

    Your friend,
    Mike Peltzman

    • Bruce says:

      Mike, yes it is beautiful up there in Jacks Ridge. I know there is a reason for the weather, and I am glad you pointed out the reason. Maybe we sould get together and write an E-book about living here.

  2. maria says:

    hi bruce
    this might be a silly question but here goes: since you have been there for over a year now(?) have you stopped drinking bottled water? just curious how you are making that transition.

    • Bruce says:

      In our house, like many homes we get the big bottled water and have the cooling stand for it. If out, I will buy a bottle of water but in restaurants or elsewhere if I get tap water I will drink it since Davao Water is ok to drink.

  3. Usually, and I know this is perfectly true for mainland south east Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and so on) and even south Asia (Sri Lanka with similiar closeness to the equator as Mindanao) April and May are the hottest months of the year. I think this can applied to Philippine archipelago too (hotter in April than January). But it seems like the weather is more unpredictable in the Philippines.

    • Bruce says:

      As Mike also pointed out, a lot has to do with the Tropical Disturbances. Being from Florida, I know these weather systems ad humidity but the heat is just heat.

  4. Still, it is a lot warmer in April or May than in January, wherever in SEA you are :).

  5. It is surely a combination of both things. But this is why April and May is the called “summer” in SEA. Usually moonsoon rains after May cool things down a bit. But the humidity will remain high of course. This is why December, January and February are the best months to travel in these countries, and it is as coldest here 🙂

  6. Badet says:

    The extremities in temperatures is brought about by climate change. The heat is unbearable.

    • Bruce says:

      From what I have read, even if there is truth to the climate change, it is very small over years. We will see if I live 200 more years. Maybe we will have another Ice Age and things will cool down here. hahaha

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