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Traffic Management Plans in Davao

Today in the online site of the Sun Star was an article about all new developments in the city will have to submit a traffic management plan to the city to show how they will handle increased traffic caused by their new project.

As stated in the article:

Councilor Pilar Braga said with new large investments in the city, they have incorporated into the requirements how these companies will handle and increase volume of traffic that they will be causing.

Bibiano Alcuizar, Traffic Management Center chief, said the plan is technically called Traffic Impact or Assessment or TIA. These plans will help them map out new traffic strategies, particularly since there are new commercial developments sprouting in Davao City like malls, planned residential communities and IT parks.

My question is this, where will they add or widen roads? The congestion in this city is do to the over crowded of buildings and narrow streets.

When they added turning lanes at some of the intersections, they did not widen the roads, they made the traffic lanes narrower. Without demolishing buildings and homes or removing sidewalks, there is not anywhere to add roads.

Where they need to develope, and add jeepney routes is along Diversion road where they have already been increasing to a 6 lane road. But then there is another problem. Diversion Road is the main road for trucking and busses and increased traffic with these large vehicles already racing down the road will increase accidents.

I guess we will see what happens and will have to increase our commute times and car insurance.

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